Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama's Judge Sotomayer USSC Pick a "mainstream" CORPORATIST, NOT the "liberal" grass-roots Democrats have hoped for...

Yet again, the "uni-party" - the NEO-CON 'Democrats' ALLIANCE with the BIG BUSINESS Republican Party powers-that-be - have MASTERED the US national PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE, presenting President Obama's nominee to the US Supreme Court, US Circuit Appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayer, as a "lefty" or "LIBRERAL" - almost entirely because of her up-from Latina roots life history - even though, as Thom Hartmann explains, "SHE IS VERY MUCH in favor of CORPORATE PERSONHOOD" and has VOTED REPEATEDLY IN FAVOR OF CORPORATIONS vs INDIVIDUALS.
According to Mr. Hartmann, one judicial observer has even compared Judge Sotomayer's rulings, as "JUST LIKE SAMUEL ALITO's"!!
Justice Alito, Thom Hartmann reminds us, a textbook example of the Republican's ability to NOMINATE 'BOMB-THROWING RADICAL RIGHT' (John Birch Society, even) nominees to the US Suprmee Court, and then use their CORPORATE DOMINACE of the US media (and thus national discourse) to RAM RADICAL RIGHT-WING judges and justices past "Democratic" opposition that is TOO COWED, TO DISORGANIZED, TOO disoriented, and TOO CORPORATIST in its own right, to put forth any real opposition!
Ironically, perhaps, "liberal" talk-radio host Hartmann cites no less a source than the radical right-wing RUPERT MURDOCH owned WALL STREET JOURNAL as 'proof' that Judge Sotomayer is a GOVERNMENT AUTOCRAT CORPORATIST, FIRST, and a "liberal," "people-power, restraint-of-corporate & government powers 'progressive'" a far distant second.

Meanwhile, EVEN AS the Wall St. Journal REASSURES its corporate readers that "Judge Sotomayer is one of us," they, the WSJ, continues to BEAT THE PROPAGANDA DRUMS for nationwide public consumption of (our paraphrasing) "JUDGE SOTOMAYER is a RADICAL LEFTY who will try to THROW America's BORDERS OPEN to illegal immigrants, and she will favor anyone who will SUE any corporation in America for the most trivial of 'liberal' claims" - a PROPAGANDA NARRATIVE that is captured by (posted bottom this post, below our "Judge Sotomayer is ACTUALLY a Corporatist Mainstream Jurist" WSJ clip., below)

Record Shows Rulings Within Liberal Mainstream
MAY 27, 2009

Despite Democratic Bent, Judge Has Sided With Corporate Defendants; Court's Frequent 5-4 [CONSERVATIVE] Split Likely to Remain

"Judge Sotomayer.... HAS FAVORED CORPORATE DEFENDANTS in suits that test when cases can be brought as class actions. Judges often must determine whether plaintiffs' claims should be pre-empted by more defense-friendly federal and international laws.
"THERE IS NO REASON for the BUSINESS COMMUNITY TO BE CONCERNED" about Judge Sotomayor, said Lauren Rosenblum Goldman, a partner at Mayer Brown LLP who has represented businesses including Wachovia Corp. and Dow Chemical Co.
...In 2006, the judge was part of a Second Circuit panel that ruled investors could NOT proceed with a class-action suit accusing WALL Street BANKS of FRAUDULENTLY PRICING initial public offerings. The ruling [and HER vote helped] NEGATED SETTLEMENTS that would have YIELDED INVESTORS MORE THAN $1 BILLION. "That ruling demonstrated that in securities litigation, she is in the judicial [as in, FAR TO the ALITO/SCALIA/ROBERTS Right-Wing] mainstream," said Barry Ostrager, a partner at Simpson Thacher LLP who represented a unit of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in the matter.

WSJ, USA Today advance conservatives' distortions of [USSC nominee] Sotomayor's Duke Remark
SUMMARY: The Wall Street Journal and USA Today advanced conservative efforts to portray Sonia Sotomayor as an activist judge by misrepresenting a remark she made about the difference between district and appeals court justices.