Thursday, February 11, 2010

As Obama's CLASS WAR treachery stalks America, the SHADOW of BANKRUPTCY stalks... AMERICAN CITIES...

As Obama's CLASS WAR TREACHERY - PRETENDING to be FOR financial reforms, while ACTIVELY SABOTAGING them at every turn 
(through  his Economic Hit Man enforcer of a Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel,  and those Goddamn-Sachs & selected "multi-national bankers" that Emanuel & GS represent) (see our previous post) - continues the Bush-Cheney-Snow-Paulson-Rubin-Summers-GoddamnSachs-Greenspan-Geithner-Bernanke (et al)  rampage of premeditated DESTRUCTION of the  American economy,  America cities and counties across the nation are FACING BANKRUPTCY.   
  These sterile (and slightly threatening) Bloomberg quotes and comments hide the TRAGEDY behind city workers being laid off, county government families running out of unemployment insurance, and those property owners still  trying to hold on to their properties facing SKYROCKETING property tax bills - ALL TO SHIFT MORE MONEY, from the DEBT BURDENED cities & municipalities that were lured into debt, TO the BANKERS WHO OWN that debt, as well as who OWN the Congress, &   Mr. Obama and his insanely corrupt staffers. 
  ALL that is needed to rescue the American and world economies, is to "CLAW BACK' the TRILLIONS of dollars that have wound up in the coffers of the wealthy and their privately owned hedge funds and big banks, money that they LOOTED from Taxpayers via accounting FRAUD, for PRIVATE banking, insurance, and hedge-fund FAILURES,  money  EXTORTED from taxpayers by  the  EXTORTION   and BRIBERY of Congress.    
Bankruptcy Bloodbath May Hit Muni Owners
The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression is squeezing municipalities across the country. Since Vallejo, California, successfully petitioned for bankruptcy protection in May 2008, California’s towns, Detroit’s schools and Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg have all talked about Chapter 9. 
Bonus: While Muni Bondholders may  CRINGE in fear of BANKRUPTCY filings by US towns & cities, over in Greece, the international "multi-national" bondholders are DRIVING GREECE's ECONOMY into the sewer:
   (note: We here at DemNationUSA came to our economic & financial research and blogging  views via amateur readings of WWII, which is to say,  about the titanic battles of air power, production, naval battles, and front lines ground combat  which led to the Allied victories in WWII, and laid the framework for America's Cold War nuclear arsenal and post- Cold War "sole world superpower status."    Regardless of which side or nationality a war historian may look at a battle or conflict from, there is unanimous agreement that all battles and wars have winners and losers... and those most responsible for losing.   What is ABSENT from American - and British and European -  reporting on the Economic Crisis,  is any notion that there are those who are PROFITING  _DIRECTLY_  from the chaos and destruction... much less that there are those RESPONSIBLE FOR the destruction.   For example, MSNBC on-air personality ("reporter" is too strong a word)   ANDREA MITCHELL may have "MOCKED SARAH PALIN" for Palin's writing of notes on her hands for an on-air TV appearance, but ANDREA MITCHELL's HUSBAND,  former FED CHAIRMAN ALAN GREENSPAN, has 10,000 times MORE RESPONSIBILITY for America's economic crisis than Sarah Palin does. 
   MSNBC, the nominally "Liberal" network, IS AS RELENTLESS in WHITEWASHING THE PERPETRATORS of ECONOMIC FRAUD and ECONOMIC CRISIS, as ANY of the other networks.
 (Sole Exception: The Dylan Ratigan show;  but  Mr. Ratigan, locked out of prime-time,  is treated by MSNBC  as the "liberal" version of Glenn Beck, the tears-on-command serially lying clown for Rupert Murdoch's Fox "news")