Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Barack Obama TRYING to be a JEWISH Financial SWINDLER? (Short answer: "Yes!" Absolutely...)

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY:  is Barack Obama TRYING to be a JEWISH financial SWINDLER and world conquering WAR MONGER... or is he really just a stupid tool  of the
Hank Paulson/RobertRubin/LawrenceSummers/
GolddamnSachs/Citi/JPMorgan-Chase/Rothschilds (et al)  financial  mafia;
And, as well, "is the current president being a FRONT MAN  for the Paul Wolfowitz, Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, Bibi Netanyahu global  'war on terror'  warmongering extortionists"? 
meet the new boss... just like the old (Bush, Cheney, Bush Sr., and, yes, Clinton) bosses: 
(click here for a portrait of Obama's  ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION team: HOLDOVERS from the Bush & Clinton DEREGULATION, INVITATION to FRAUD &  financial destruction" years.)
 - WARS, DEFICITS,  TAX-CUTS FOR WEALTHY... in time of war & sacrifice for everyone else! 
BAILOUTS for  wealthy "investors" (e.g. Warren Buffet) & connected bankers;   DEREGULATION, financial secrecy, the LOOTING of American wages and middle class savings, pensions, and heath care; and the taxpayer funded global military/industrial/congressional/corporate-media/big-finance &   Israel-lobby relentless, insatiable, murderous,  and ever expanding war machine.
 < The US oligarchy and its NATO allies are waging a veritable war on the world: killing, disappearing and incarcerating millions of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan – a war that is expanding into Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the Horn of Africa, with the militarisation of sea lanes and oceans (see Chossudovsky, and the setting up of “forward projecting” military and missile bases in every continent (see Rozoff, ditto). On top of ordinary poverty and misery, the world is truly seeing another historic descent into barbarism. Given this war-mongering dynamic, the growing US antagonism with Iran, Russia and China is far from an idle threat. It is the logical next step for a deeply illogical economic system. >
 In our previous post, we wrote that president  "Barack Obama is now Running a REPUBLICAN CLASS WAR PRESIDENCY."

  Today, we start the long, demoralizing,  & disturbing process of pointing out that,
AT EVERY TURN, JEWISH BILLIONAIRES, multi-millionaires, and the Israel Lobby - "LIKUDNIKS" -  are THE MOST POWERFUL forces behind these  radical right-wing, extremist, sheer predatory,  loot, pillage, burn,  plunder, & destroy economics policies; whether in America under  Yale & Harvard educated former president George W. Bush  & Columbia & Harvard educated current U.S. President Barack Obama;  or in Georgia under Columbia (N.Y.) trained lawyer Mikhail Saakashvili and his army of U.S. & Israel funded democracy-killing stormtroopers;  or in Iceland (all but declared  "a terrorist state" by the Rothschilds/City of London dominated English government, as Britain uses  anti-terrorism law to freeze Iceland's assets); or in the Baltic states to the north of Russia now seeing their economies destroyed by foreign bankers;  or in Russia itself and Eastern Europe (and, now, Western Europe as well);   or of course worldwide in those nations that must bear the cost & trauma of "hosting" U.S. military bases, COUPS,   and/or  ever expanding proxy wars,  (e.g. Colombia, Honduras, Haiti, Iraq,)  etc.

  Of course not all Jewish Americans (or Jews in Europe, South/Central America, Africa, etc.) support the predatory financial destruction of the  "Neo-Liberal" Neo-Cons and their financial cartels;  however, just as not all Germans supported the Nazi Party, but were nevertheless  drafted by the millions  into the German military to provide manpower for Nazi Party fomented wars of WWII,  so too today do prominent and well known Jews FAIL to CONNECT THE DOTS that there is a CONSISTENT THREAD of  JEWISH DOMINATION of both expanding wars policies, AND  of the ruthless economic destruction by predatory  financial  cartels.

  We will outline some of the most prominent Jewish OPPONENTS of this (mass murderous)  murderously destructive agenda,  including among the most famous, Noam Chomsky,  Naomi Wolfe ("Fascist America, in 10 easy steps"),  Naomi Klein ("The Shock Doctrine & Rise of Disaster Capitalism"), Congressman Alan Grayson, former Congressman Robert Wexler, former Senator Paul Wellstone (quite possibly killed by the  CIA,  Neo-Con,  and/or  Mossad "blacks ops" people, for being the one man in America with the force of character & influence to potentially derail Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, & PNAC's Likudnik  march to the premeditated invasion of  Iraq), and others,
   Right off the top,  Jewish economists PAUL KRUGMAN and PAUL VOLKER are both textbook examples of those who  oppose the "classical Neo-Liberal"  dictatorial poverty "trickle down"   economics as espoused by Leo Strauss, Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and their modern day disciples in the Washington  and New York establishment,
(for example,  Geithner and  recently resigned NY Fed bank Chairman Stephen Friedman at the Fed;  Thomas Friedman, David Brooks, Arthur Sulzberger (et al) at the NY Times;   Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Lawrence Kudlow (et al) at the Washington Post or on CNBC, etc)...
  .....BUT  as midwestern economics Professor Michael Hudson explains in one of his on-air radio interviews,   Paul Volcker "IS NOT A TROUBLE MAKER" - even though Volcker  DISAGREES with the RADICAL RIGHT-WING ECONOMIC policies  now being pushed by the Obama/Emanuel/Summers/Rubin/Geithner  administration,  Mr. Volcker would have been unlikely to lead a vocal dissent against those radically destructive policies, even   had Volcker  not been CO-OPTED, and effectively "sterilized" in his criticism, by being included in the Obama administration as a benched & seldom listened to economics advisor.

    Paul Krugman is an even more troubling example of this "NOT A TROUBLEMAKER" GENUFLECTION to the predatory, radical Right-Wing economics of the Goldman-Sachs/Rubin/Greenspan/Summers/Bernanke  economics predators crew, for despite Krugman criticizing almost all those predatory financial  policies in his N.Y. Times column over the entire past decade, Mr. Krugman explained that he had been suggested for his (current)  position as the  economics columnist for the New York Times by then Columbia   [correction: Princeton!] University Professor Bernanke, and Krugman  recently, albeit reluctantly, SUPPORTED Obama's  RE-NOMINATION of    Bernanke as Chairman of the Fed,  despite Bernanke being THE POSTER CHILD of ALL those radical Right-Wing policies that Mr. Krugman has been advocating against all these years!

  What follow is a HUGE TOPIC:  the Jewish Radical Right-Wing is AT THE CENTER and CORE of EVERY RADICAL RIGHT-WING "deregulation"  economics depradation pushed by the Bush-I,  Clinton,  Bush-II/Cheney,, and now Obama presidencies.
 We will attempt to make the argument that the Wolfowitz/Libby/Bolten/Bolton/Chertoff/Mukasey/Perle/Feith/Lieberman (et al) Neo-Cons were NOT _subordinates_ to Bush & Cheney, but in fact  the Kristol/Likudnik/Wolfowitz/Lieberman Neo-Cons EMPOWERED Cheney & Bush every step of the way, from formulating the PNAC 'think-tank' that would provide Cheney & Bush with their "blueprint for the Iraq war,"  to Jewish & Israel lobby donors pouring more money into the Bush-Cheney stolen election of 2000 than even Bush's more well known, Texas & oil patch Southern (Karl Rove organized)  "Pioneers";  to the "Democratic" (not!) Congresss (Senate) giving a RUBBER STAMP OF APPROVAL to Bush & Bush's stolen election of  2000; to the U.S. Congress & Government WHITEWASHING  Bush & Cheney's national security  DERELICTION of DUTY leading up to 9-11;  to the Democrats' PASSIVE ACQUIESENCE to Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Judith Miller/NY Times/Washington Post LIES-to-WAR;   to the "Democratic" (not!) senators ROLLING OVER FOR  Bush's tax cuts... FOR WEALTHY, IN TIME OF WAR!;  to Bush & Cheney jumping on the DEMOCRAT's notion of an Orwellian named DEPARTMENT of  "Homeland Security;"  to Bush heading his DHS & 'Justice' cabinet level Departments with Jewish lawyers Chertoff and Mukasey (respectively) - both essentially awarded those powerful jobs, for WHITEWASHING Bush & Cheney  9-11 and DOJ scandals;  to the most powerful Vice President in U.S. history having a Jewish "Washington D.C. super-lawyer" Chief of Staff,  I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby, to guide VP Cheney in his relentless assaults on the U.S. Constitution; to President Bush selecting another Jewish Neo-Con lawyer, Josh Bolten, as his final Chief of Staff to replace the departed Andrew Card....
   AT EVERY TURN, THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE in the Bush White House, in the Bush administration,  in the US Defense Department, in the U.S. Treasury, in the U.S. press & media,  AND in the "Democratic" (not!) party, are either RIGHT-WING JEWISH OFFICIALS (Wolfo, Libby, Bolton, Mukasey, Chertoff), or JEWISH SENATORS (Lieberman, Feinstein), or Jewish media owners (Sulzberger, Graham/Meyer, Levine, Zell, cnn/Time/WARNER), or powerful Right-Wing  Jewish judges & lawyers at slightly lower levels of government who ENABLE the above...   or of course the RADICAL RIGHT-WING JEWISH 'leaders' who now DOMINATE the entire  U.S. FINANCIAL SYSTEM:  BLANKFEIN, RUBIN, SUMMERS, FRIEDMAN, and their wholly-owned allies (Snow, Geithner, Dimon,) PAULSON, Bush, Cheney, and now Obama himself -  ALL behave according to the desires of the   FRIEDMAN/STRAUSS/AynRand/ theories  of "trickle down" (which is to way, "wealth and power FORCED UP to all-powerful elites) and GOLDMAN-SACHS/JPM/Citi/Bank-of-London/Rothchilds  financial cartels.. if not ANSWER TO THEM, as former British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR is now a hired front-man for  the London Branch of JP Morgan,  for over 100 years a well known ally, or front, for the Rothschilds banking cartel. 

  We will come back to this post, and attempt to add to it, with dozens if not hundreds of links and citations, and polish it up,  but for this first, long overdue post on the subject, we can only offer the roughest outline,   and most cursory of links,  to support our contention  that
#1. FINANCIAL ELITES are WAGING  WAR on the people of the world, "CLASS WAR"
#2. at every turn, THE MOST POWERFUL 'leaders' and voices of this RADICAL RIGHT-WING ASSAULT on world economies are  JEWISH radical right-wing financial cartels,  the bankers who run them, and the Jewish dominated corporate media who relentessly WHITEWASH  premeditated CRISIS  
  (the "disaster capitalism" that Naomi Klein writes of),  FAILURE and ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION as "crisis management" and  "financial genius."

  #3. Until now, the Jewish Radical Right-Wing has MASTERED THE ARTS of DECEIT & SELF PROMOTION, for example Vanity Fair crediting Lawrence Summers with being "THE EXPERT YOU WANT  to have to confront FINANCIAL CRISIS," VF failing to point out that Summers has almost had  tremendous financial powers on the very eve of, LEADING UP to,  those  economy killing economic crisis (i.e. overlooking Summers' well documented role in  CAUSING  those very economic crisis that VF tries to credit Summers with solving).

  And of course,  across the board,  the Jewish Radical Right-Wing financiers have been MASTERS of DECEIT,  not only SWINDLING  American & world consumers & investors to purchase TOXIC "securities" even as GoldmanSachs was betting AGAINST the same securities  it was selling as grade AAA (with "Credit DEFAULT Swap" CDSs, CDOs, and other toxic, FRAUDULENT,  "derivatives" "securities"),  but at every turn, the Rubin/Summers/Greenspan/Bernanke/Blankfein/ Radical Right-Wing  cabal try to  credit themselves with BUILDING up economies, even as they are working ENERGETICALLY to DESTROY THEM.

Here's some simple questions that we will be looking at in coming weeks:
  •   "WHAT have America's JEWISH Senators done, ACTUALLY DONE,  to JUSTIFY their "far out of proportion to their population" (20% of Democrat's seats)  representation in the US Senate?
  •  "Does America have ANYTHING POSITIVE to show for the past decade, besides WARS, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, and DEFICITS?"
  •  "WHY do Goldman Sachs, the Fed,  and Jewish financial "leaders" KEEP TOUTING THEIR FINANCIAL PROWESS... even as they soak up TRILLIONS of taxpayer-extorted "BAILOUTS" from American working families, without which their hedge funds & banks  WOULD BE IN BANKRUPTCY?  
  • "HOW many more times will the Jewish dominated U.S. Congress, White House, and press/media  be able to use FOREIGN WARS as a DISTRACTION from the DESTRUCTION of the U.S. economy?"
  •  -   JUST HOW BIG HAVE THE "BAILOUTS" been, and HOW MUCH have American taxpaying household LOST in the economic crisis, under the Treasury and Federal Reserve "leadership" of  RUBIN, SUMMERS, GREENSPAN, BERNANKE, and their GS aligned allies at Treasury Secretary,  HANK PAULSON,   JOHN SNOW, and  now TIM GEITHNER. (according to wiki, Giethner's first job out of grad school was with... uber Neo-Con imperialist Kissinger associates.)
 Below is a TEASER of some of the hazards that the JEWISH DOMINATED FINANCIAL SYSTEM poses to America:   

DESTRUCTION of ENTIRE MOUNTAINS for strip-mining of coal - and the POISONING of West Virginia's ENTIRE WATER SUPPLY  - as BIG FINANCE in America and "multinational" foreign  financial  swindlers  SABOTAGE the PRODUCTION of a SOLAR PANEL BASED electricity production grid for America..

 Fortuntely for our ability to end on a positive note,   Jewish INDEPENDENT Vermont Senator BUCKS the JEWISH RIGHT-WING CONTROL of BOTH the "Democrat" and Republican Parties:   Sanders' proposed Senate bill would offer America AN OPTION to AMERICA's ENERGY DEPENDENCE on  foreign  OIL DICTATORS,  for A THOUSANDTH of the money the U.S. Government has handed over to predatory AND PARASITIC financial cartels (cartels DOMINATED by GoldmanSachs, JPMorgan/Chase, Citi, and the Rothschilds at the apex of the global financial predators),  for a THOUSANDTH of the monies that have been STOLEN from the U.S. economy,  America could start a program to PUT SOLAR PANELS on EVERY HOME IN AMERICA, a  proposal that is imminently "do-able" given today's technology,  and given the TRILLIONS  of dollars of financial "liquidity"  BEING DIVERTED to PREDATORY & PARASITIC banks,  a program that is, and has been KILLED,  PRECISELy because it threatens to break the TREASONOUS BIG-FINANCE STRANGEHOLD over America's energy production... and thereby economy:

It's Time For a Solar Revolution 
Sen. Bernie Sanders.Independent U.S. Senator from Vermont
Posted: February 12, 2010 

 post script #1:  We are happy to report that BLOOMBERG news is LEADING the charge in ALL of America, to BREAK the Fed's TREASONOUS "we do NOT answer to Congress... because WE OWN CONGRESS"  OBSTRUCTION  of audits & transparency for the Fed's  role in dishing out the above mentioned TRILLIONS in taxpayer extorted bailous: 
The COURAGEOUS and determined Mr. Pittman has since passed away (we hope he wasn't "Wellstoned"),  and we also hope that Bloomberg sees through the lawsuit, to BREAK the Bernanke/Obama/Geithner's current UNCONSTITUTIONAL OBSTRUCTION of  the U.S. Congress's constitutional OBLIGATION to provide oversight & see the Fed's "Criminal Crime Syndicate" books...
 (p.s. #2:  Here's some more GOOD news:
  While  President Ronald Reagan is the poster child of   Radical Right-Wing "TRICKLY DOWN"  economics,  in fact  President 
 Reagan's   BREAK with the WARMONGERING  TENDENCIES of the Neo-Cons in the late 1980s paved the way for the NO SHOT FIRED IN ANGER dissolution of the U.S.S.R. and Warsaw Pact armies. 
 IF    you want to look at a "positive side" to this post, IT IS POSSIBLE to BREAK the NEO-CON FINANCIAL PREDATOR & WARMONGERING  tendencies of the predatory, insatiable radical right.)
  Just to show how confusing the issue can be,  ConsortiumNews,  which published the article explaining  Reagan's TREATY SIGNING, PEACEMAKING BREAK with the Neo-Con nuclear-wars-now jihadists,  has published far more articles detailing Reagan's pushing of those very Radical Right-Wing Neo-Con policies, whether TORTURE GULAGS & U.S. illegal wars in Central/South America during the Iran-Contra era; or Reagan's assisting the  Financial Cartels in establishing their FOREIGN OIL DEPENDENCY CHOKEHOLD on America's economy;   or indeed this GROTESQUE MISREADING of the intent and trajetory of  the incoming  EMANUEL/SUMMERS/(Rubin)/ Lieberman cloning Obama administration in Jan. of last year,  the very experienced, very insightful Mr. Robert Parry MISREADING  Obama's incoming administration as "a bitterly disappointing END for seven-plus years of neoconservative dominion over U.S. foreign policy" - when in fact the exact opposite it true,  President Obama is the NEO-CON AGENDA ON STEROIDS, they merely took a one-year STEP BACK from EXPANDING their Neo-Con wars in Iraq & Afghanistan in January 2009, so as to CONSOLIDATE their gains, and LAY THE FOUNDATION FOR RESUMPTION of that expansion of wars.. which we now have, UNDER OBAMA, in YEMEN,  in the Horn of Arica, in U.S./Israel/C.I.A. encouraged protests in Iran,  and in to Pakistan!
  This is  a TEXTBOOK example of  WISHFUL THINKING,  a diametrically wrong reading of the tea leaves, by an otherwise outstanding and insightful commentator with  career expertise regarding  those very Neo-Con illegal wars, assassinations,  and "establishment"  media whitewashes of Neo-Con crimes &  financial destruction!
  Pity the Poor Neocons
January 2, 2009 
 "As bloody and grotesque as Israel’s pounding of Gaza has been, it marks a bitterly disappointing end for seven-plus years of neoconservative dominion over U.S. foreign policy, a period that was supposed to conclude with the dismantling of Israel’s Muslim enemies in the region."