Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jewish TREACHERY and the DESTRUCTION of America and the "Democratic" Party...

 In the "3 pictures tell 10 million stories" department,  Nancy Pelosi,  the Speaker of the House and therefore the nominal "Leader" of the   INSANELY CORRUPT  "Democratic" majority 110th  & 111th Congress,    SMILES for her puppet-master,  and de facto Neo-Con  "CHAIRMAN of the BOARD of Directors of the  GOLDMAN SACHS + AIPAC  "ISRAEL uber-alles WAR LOBBY"  political coup in America,  extortion-meister &  current White House Chief of Staff RAHM EMANUEL.
(Ours is not the first article to suggest that Nancy Pelosi is a politically and mentally INTIMIDATED "Stockholm syndrome"  puppet of the GoddamnSachs + Israel War Lobby  radical right-wing reactionary Neo-Cons;  40 year Washington political insider, former Reagan speechwriter, and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan actually titled one of his commentaries,

In this next photo, from today's top-of-fold headline & pictures, we see that the "Democrat" and Republicans in the House and Senate have just WHITEWASHED their own historically malevolent corruption,  giving themselves - the biggest players in Congress  of the TRILLIONS of dollars of TAXPAYER GIVEAWAY "BAILOUTS"  and FAILURE to OVERSEE those "bailouts"  to  insanely corrupt  Big Banks & Hedge Funds, and war profiteers, with NO oversight or supervision  -  an "ethics" investigation FREE PASS -
Meanwhile,   so-called "liberal"  media outlet on-line  magazine - like actually a RADICAL RIGHT-WING Neo-Con outlet only posing as anything to the left of the very Neo-Con New York Times or Washington Post -  takes up the real job of the  insanely corrupt and treacherous Neo-Con media:  EXPELLING from Congress ANY LAST VESTIGES of genuinely "Democratic," genuinely populist, genuinely representative leadership. 
   In this case,  the ENTIRE  Neo-Con, Goldman-Sachs,  JP Morgan, and Israel-lobby OWNED  Washington "establishment" & media are trying to hound Charlie Rangel from Congress, for taking a  $1,000 or $2,000 cruise to the Caribbean on some lobbyist's dime, and for getting a break on the rent of the Congressman's  Harlem congressional office
 (Needless to say,  merely by putting a congressional office in a Harlem office-building, immediately BOOSTS the value and security  of other rents in that building, for which any competent landlord would be grateful.)
  Here it is:  the GREAT TABOO, the  Great VERBOTTEN!  the GREAT INSANITY that now INFECTS  America,  and has already DRIVEN  America's  economy into the SEWER,  and is now attempting to DESTROY the last vestiges of   genuinely  democratic  representation in the US House of Representatives:
    We are talking, of course, about the GREAT  JEWISH Golddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan, Rothschilds, and Likudnik (Israel war lobby)   Neo-Con   JIHAD to DESTROY America's economy (with the "OUTSOURCING,"  not only of individual U.S. jobs to Communist China;  not only the "outsourcing" of  whole factorites to Communist China; but the "OUTSOURCING" of ENTIRE U.S. INDUSTRIES to Communist China;    along with the GS/JPM/City-of-London/Fed Reserve "pump and dump" INFLATE & DEFLATE  ATTACKS on the American dollar, this is already  "mission accomplished").... IN COORDINATION with the relentless Jewish Right-Wing  Neo-Con JIHAD to DESTROY  representative government and a functioning, genuinely independent and investigative press/media in America, as the LIKUDNIK "ISRAEL uber alles!" Neo-Cons DRAG AMERICA EVER DEEPER into costly, genuinely national security DIMINISHING  FOREIGN WARS.

    What is setting off our tirade today is the notion that  Congress and the WHOLLY  JEWISH owned  "Neo-Con" press and media are set to protray  CHARLIE RANGEL as the  MOST CORRUPT MEMBER of Congress... for taking a  "junket"  corporate-sponsored business trip to the Caribbean! 
   In an era where the INSANELY Corrupt  PELOSI  CONGRESS is GIVING  TRILLIONS  of taxpayer dollars  over to Goddamn-Sachs,  JP Morgan-Chase banking cartel  (both of which have been, historically,  allies, or "fronts" for the London  based European banking cartel, The Rothschilds),  the  so-called "liberal media" Washington Post and New York Times (and their follower media outlets, incuding the Jewish  owned CNN, Time, Newsweek, Weakley Standard, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and other  insanely corrupt and deceitful "major media" outlets)   are absolutely engaged in a JIHAD to EXPEL  from Congress any  Congressmen  or Congresswomen who still ACTUALLY REPRESENT THEIR CONSTITUENTS, especially regarding the twin issues at the core of the pre-meditated DESTRUCTION of America's economy and government,  America's    FINANCIAL FRAUDS, and WAR-LOBBY war profiteering.  

    Even  formerly  genuinely "LIBERAL"  groups and personalities  are part of this appalling process whereby Right-Wing, MOSTLY JEWISH bankers and Neo-Con  politicians  are attacking  America's economy and society. 

 A textbook example is MELANIE SLOAN, of the  independently run (private think tank)  government oversight and ethics watchdog group C.R.E.W. "Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington,"  who tried to include  Black Congresswoman MAXINE WATERS  in CREW's  "TOP FIFTEEN MOST CORRUPT in CONGRESS" list...  for Rep. Waters desperately trying to steer SOME of the BILLIONS of dollars Congress was handing out in "BAILOUTS" to the BIG BANKS, to a LITTLE BANK that ACTUALLY SERVED ITS COMMUNITY,  a bank Ms. Waters happened to own $200,000 of stock in!
  The Washington & N.Y.  Neo-Con  establishment treachery & destruction crew, manage to make a Congresswo/man INVESTING IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY  look like a CRIME,  just as they manage to make CHARLIE RANGEL taking a trip to the Caribbean look like  a CRIME, while effectively WHITEWASHING  the REAL CRIMES, of  VAST, TITANIC, billion-dollar  FRAUDS in America's financial markets being instigated at the HIGHEST LEVELS of US finance and government,  OUT of the 'news' - by Treasury Secretaries TIM GEITHNER,  HANK PAULSON,  LAWRENCE SUMMERS, and ROBERT RUBIN, all of  whom (in case of Geithner & Summers) have CAREER CONNECTIONS to Goddamn-Sachs, or (in case of Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin) WERE GODDAMN-SACHS  CHAIRMEN,   Hank Paulson's accumulation of Goddamn-Sachs stocks while he worked their for 15 years is estimated to have been in the $500 MILLION range!
  BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars to  THE BIG, WALL St.  banks which are WRECKING America's economy,  yet Ms. Sloan and her CREW "watchdog" group want to hound from Congress a Congresswoman who is trying to actually get some bailout dollars to a neighborhood bank, WHERE IT WOULD DO SOME GOOD  FOR  "little people" American citizens!

Fortunately for our sanity and ease of writing this blog, without having to take a fifteen year detour in so-called "Liberal" group C.R.E.W.  actually ENABLING the  Neo-Con Right-Wing COUP in America,  we can point to this excellent  article we just discovered which makes the case for us:
Is Melanie Sloan’s Husband More Corrupt Than Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel and John Murtha?
   ...Sloan has listed fifteen Congresspersons and accuses THEM of "egregious" corruption. Melanie may be correct, they might be among the most corrupt. But her list includes three Congresscritters, opposed to the Iraq War, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel and John Murtha. Melanie herself has a conflict of interest with respect to these three anti-war Democrats. Her husband Eric Anderson was part the Iraq genocide and has profited from it. Anderson may be part of a privatized intelligence network, SAIC, supporting NSA spying on Americans.
  ALL across America, MILLIONS of Americans are LEFT VOICELESS in the ECONOMIC DEBATE, in the SABOTAGE of Health Care reform by Rahm Emanuel's  "of, by, and FOR GODDAMN-SACHS White House;   in the ABJECT FAILURE of the Pelosi Congress or EMANUEL/obama White House to INVESTIGATE and OVERSEE the TITANIC  FRAUDS,  where even when  bankers and hedge funds are caught RED HANDED  LYING  to Congress, to the American public, to the EU,  and STEALING billions upon TRILLIONS of dollars from American consumers, investors, and taxpayers alike (as well as foreign victims, like Greece and Iceland, and, indeed, the entire world economies) -  at EVERY TURN, the Neo-Con press insists  WHAT GENIUSES the Neo-Con ECONOMY KILLERS are,

and how we American's must continue to hand BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars over to those  very bankers and financial predators who, WITH PREMEDITATION and AMERICA-HATING GREED,  have  DESTROYED our economy, and are now purging the LAST VESTIGES of  genuinely democratic representation from our Congress and press.

 bonus:  Rahm Emanuel's record, since the 9-11 attacks ENABLED the Neo-Con COUP in America,  has been to SABOTAGE anti-war Democrats, and to SABOTAGE financial regulation and oversight, at EVERY turn:   HOW RAHM EMANUEL, as DCCC Chairman, Nearly  LOST THE HOUSE FOR THE DEMOCRATS in the  2006 elections,  with his relentless "select REPUBLICANS to run in Democratic primaries agenda, and then DEFUNDING those outside-DC Democrats who won their primaries but wanted to end the U.S. Iraq & Afghanistan wars, and who were OUTSPOKENLY  OPPOSED to Republican corruption, which at all times leading up to Election 2006 the TREACHEROUS  Mr. Emanuel DOWNPLAYED and whitewashed, including Mr. Emanuel SITTING ON the story of Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley sending inappropriate e-mails to underage congressional pages;  Mr. Emanuel was TRYING TO HELP  REPUBLICAN Mark Foley stay in office,  to enable the Bush-Cheney Republican  +  Neo-Con Likudnik expanding wars agenda!
  and here -
 #2.  Jane Hamsher, of, exposes LANNY DAVIS as ANOTHER PRO-WARS, corporate lobbyists,  financial oversight KILLING  war-profiteer and big-banking "BAILOUTS"  EXTORTIONIST, masquerading as a "Liberal Democrat" - 

  LANNY DAVIS, RAHM EMANUEL,  JOE LIEBERMAN,  LAWRENCE SUMMERS,  ROBERT RUBIN,  BEN BERNANKE, ALAN GREENSPAN,  MELANIE SLOAN,  LANNY DAVIS, DIANNE FEINSTEIN, JANE HARMAN, RON KLEIN, Debbie Wasserman Schultz...  at EVERY TURN,  Jewish Neo-Cons  PRETEND  to be "Democrats" (except in the case of Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan) - as they, the NEO-CON "Democrats"  JOIN  Greenspan, Bernanke, Goddamn-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, Citibank, the Bank of London, and other RADICAL RIGHT-WING financial companies in DESTROYING the American economy and DEFUNDING  the American Social Safety net, that has taken 100+ years to create...

  (note:  Even well known JEWISH Americans are VICTIMS of the Radical Right-Wing Neo-Con COUP in America:   most famously,  the Emanuel/obama White House  is allowing  former _Democratic_ Governor DON SIEGLEMAN to TWIST IN THE WIND as a result of his  KARL ROVE ORCHESTRATED political LYNCH-MOB prosecution, a prosecution organized and initially led by Arkansas U.S. Attorney Leura Canary... ONLY the WIFE of the campaign manager of  then Governor Siegelman's REPUBLICAN OPPONENT! 
   Additionaly,  genuinely "liberal,"  anti-war, and pro-financial oversight Democratic Congressman ROBERT WEXLER was essentially hounded OUT of Congress, and HANDED HIS WALKING PAPERS by   the Rahm Emanuel/Goddamn-Sachs/Likudnik Neo-Con TAKEOVER HIJACKING COUP  of the Democratic Party,  Congressman Wexler, a widely popular Representative in his district, didn't even finish his term of office, so determined were Emanuel's  NEO-CON WARMONGERS and Goddamn-Sachs ECONOMY WRECKERS to EXPELL from Congress a Jewish Congressman who actually represented democratic ideals and public oversight of America's financial markets.
 - sources:  Congress ABSOLVES THEMSELVES for STEERING BILLIONS of dollars in contracts IN EXCHANGE for thousands of dollars of  'CAMPAIGN DONATIONS"  kickback, slush fund bribery...
while the same Congress is set to make Charlie Rangle THE POSTER CHILD OF CORRUPTION, for taking a $1,000 cruise, without the Congress examining ANY OTHER "PORK BARREL" vacations by other congressmen & women
Ethics Panel Clears 7 on Earmarks 
(Washington Post's wishy-washy headline establishment-speak  for "Congress INSIDER CORRUPTION free-pass WHITEWASH)
By Paul Kane and Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer 
Saturday, February 27, 2010

The House ethics committee ruled Friday that seven lawmakers who steered hundreds of millions of dollars in largely no-bid contracts to clients of a lobbying firm had not violated any rules or laws by also collecting large campaign donations from those contractors...