Monday, February 15, 2010


 Money laundering, SECRET WARS, and U.S. taxpayer funded INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM:  the 1980s  Iran-Contra wars  as a PRELUDE to New York, Washington, & Tel Aviv's GLOBALWAR ON HUMANITY...
The American "SECRET GOVERNMENT"  well knew that the Contra armies were NOT!   grass-roots, "democratically motivated" freedom fighters:
"Operating in secret, 'The Enterprise' [the U.S. government financed groups supplying the Central America Contra rebels]  was FREE to PUT PROFIT ABOVE PATRIOTISM,  they even sold arms directly to the Contras, at a HUGE MARKUP....
    In Nicaragua, the Contras used weapons from  'The Enterprise' AGAINST CIVILIANS.
 It's a TERRORIST WAR they are fighting [against a government in Nicaragua THEN RECOGNIZED by the U.S. government]... old men, women,  children,  are caught in the middle, or KILLED DELIBERATELY, as Contras use VIOLENCE AGAINST peasants, to pressure their government.   Thousands have died.  Even as hearings were being held in Congress,   a Contra raid in Nicaragua killed three children, and a pregnant woman.

   "The Chief Contra leader,   Adolpho Colero, is A CREATION of The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT... those around Colero  ARE NOT first rate people [but] are LIARS and GREED and POWER MOTIVATED. This [U.S. funded Contra] war has BECOME A BUSINESS to many of them.... people whose ONLY CONCERN was MAKING MONEY."   
...The BUSINESS, that is, of KILLING their fellow countrymen, men, women, and children,
   at the behest of their NEW YORK, WASHINGTON, & "multinational" bankers  PAYMASTERS.

Hat-tip to, whose over-the-top, "radical lefty" reporting is not only light-years ahead of America's "mainstream" corporate media in reporting looming economic crisis, but who, in pointing to this excellent PBS Bill Moyers overview report on the huge NY/Washington 'establishment' & Republican financed IRAN-CONTRA wars of the 1980s, are far better historians than the hired pimps, whores, liars, and FINANCIAL FRAUD WHITEWASHING thieves of the major U.S. media & 'news' organizations.   
   And yes, then as now, (at 25:20 in the Bill Moyers video)  the Jewish owned New York Times, Washington Post, and other Neo-Cons  were WILLING TO OVERLOOK  US "national security" dealings with WANTED NAZI  WAR CRIMINALS, in the interest of their "global security" wars in '3'rd world' countries... just as today the NY, Washington, and Tel Aviv Likudniks are WHIPPING UP "Christian free-market hyper-nationalist authoritarian regimes" - i.e. NAZI-esque regimes, such as PINOCHET was in Chile, and as the Neo-Con, Cheney, & Likud supported  Mikhail Saakashvili's regme is in GEORGIA  and elsewhere today;    as the Neo-Cons work tirelessly to SUBVERT and OVERTHROW democracies  with their "bribed and extorted" version of "liberty & freedom,"  the ABJECT DICTATORIAL CORRUPTION, fraud, and theft  of the type that has shoved the entire U.S. economy into the gutter.  

 THE NEO-CONS  DO NOT BELIEVE in the right of PEACABLE ASSEMBLY, or the right of PETITION OF GREIVANCES, or in the right of Americans to  know what the U.S. Federal Reserve bank is doing... they are DICTATORIAL economy killing and   democracy crushing kleptocrats at every turn.