Friday, February 19, 2010

Medicare premium RATE HIKES Jump 14%... IN-BED-with-Insurance Obama PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE....

 President Obama's GROSS CORRUPTION - putting profits for a few thousand executives, OVER  the health care needs of the MILLIONS of  Americans and their families he PROMISED "change" to in 2008,  and thus SABOTAGING  REAL health care reform in 2009;   yields the ENTIRELY PREDICTABLE RESULTS:  DOUBLE-DIGIT  Medicare RATE HIKES in early 2010. 
 Who woulda thunk it?  
Premiums jump 14 percent on Medicare private plans

By   Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar,  AP,   19 Feb. 2010
WASHINGTON – Millions of seniors who signed up for popular private health plans through Medicare are facing sharp premium increases this year — another sign that spiraling costs are a problem even for those with solid insurance.
A study released Friday by a major consulting firm found that premiums for Medicare Advantage plans offering medical and prescription drug coverage jumped 14.2 percent on average in 2010, after an increase of only 5.2 percent the previous year. Some 8.5 million elderly and disabled Americans are in the plans, which provide more comprehensive coverage than traditional Medicare, often at lower cost.
Lee Durrwachter, a retired chemical engineer from Grand Marais, Mich., said his premiums more than doubled this year — even though he switched plans to try to save money. "It doesn't bode well," Durrwachter said. "It's unaffordable."
The Medicare findings are bad news for President Barack Obama and his health care overhaul that is bogged down in Congress.....  
 To make AP's report  slightly more accurate,  (our words):
   "The Medicare PRICE HIKE figures are BAD NEWS for the INSANELY CORRUPT  President Barack Obama, who SQUANDERED the opportunity provided through THE ENTIRE YEAR  of 2009,  to provide SOME form of caps or CONTROLS  on out-of-control  PRICE GOUGING by insurance companies of  the American people's health care needs."
   Among many other outrages,  Mr. Obama PRETENDED NOT TO NOTICE  Aetna insurance  company SLASHING 650,000 Americans from health coverage back in December 2009 -
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