Sunday, February 28, 2010


 In our previous post, we sketched a brief  outline of the JEWISH Component of the Neo-Con COUP in America, and in particular, we tried to outline the RADICAL Right-Wing GOLDAMN-SACHS and LIKUDNIK (Israel War Lobby)  HIJACKING takeover of the "Democratic" Party, where both  House "leader" Nancy Pelosi, and  President Barack Obama, TAKE THEIR ORDERS from RAHM EMANUEL  and the Goddamn-Sachs + JP Morgan Financial extortionists, who are merely the financial arm of the "Israel uber alles" LIKUDNIK WAR LOBBY... that is,  BILLIONS of American taxpayer EXTORTED "Bailouts" dollars are being used to SYSTEMATICALLY SUBVERT American democracy.
     Today we focus some attention on the REPUBLICAN, "Christian" component of that same  Right-Wing  America-hating REACTIONARY TREASON:  in today's particular case, how  REPUBLICAN  Congressmen and would-be candidates are effectively ENDORSING the SUICIDE  TERRORIST bomber airplane  ATTACK on  IRS offices in Austin  a week or two ago. 
   Fortunately for our Sunday morning,  Frank Rich - the most sane, competent, and honest of the insanely corrupt & treacherous  Neo-Con New York Times in-house op-ed writers (now that PAUL KRUGMAN has finally gone over to the dark side, advocating  INFLATION as "good" economic policy,   instead of the RELENTLESS CRIMINAL AUDITS of  BAILOUTS LARCENCY, much less nationalizing the Fed, that would  actually solve the nation's economic crisis) has done much of the work for us,   in his  column "The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged" - about how "mainstream" REPUBLICANS  in CONGRESS are  ALL BUT APPLAUDING the DOMESTIC TERRORIST SUICIDE BOMB ATTACK on the IRS building in Austin,
  and  that   Republican officials IN CONGRESS, are RE-CREATING THE ATMOSPHERE of  seething political  TERRORISM, which led directly to TIMMY McVEIGH BLOWING UP the Federal Building in Oklahoma City back in 1995:
  < It is not glib or inaccurate to invoke Oklahoma City in this context, because the acrid stench of 1995 is back in the air. Two days before Stack’s suicide mission, The Times published David Barstow’s chilling, months-long investigation of the Tea Party movement. Anyone who was cognizant during the McVeigh firestorm would recognize the old warning signs re-emerging from the mists of history. The Patriot movement. “The New World Order,” with its shadowy conspiracies hatched by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Sandpoint, Idaho. White supremacists. Militias.  > 
 < most Tea Party groups have no affiliation with the G.O.P. despite the party’s ham-handed efforts to co-opt them. The more we learn about the Tea Partiers, the more we can see why. They loathe John McCain and the free-spending, TARP-tainted presidency of George W. Bush. They really do hate all of Washington, and if they hate Obama more than the Republican establishment, it’s only by a hair or two. (Were Obama not earning extra demerits in some circles for his race, it might be a dead heat.)  > 
   What even the otherwise perceptive Mr. Rich FAILS to point out or connect, is that  "TEA PARTY" America that now "loath"  REPUBLICANS John McCain AND  George W. Bush ALMOST AS MUCH as they LOATH Barack Obama  HAVE A LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCE:  Washington,  BOTH Republicans as well as despised Democrats, are HANDING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO NEW YORK BANKERS,    of whom GOLDMAN SACHS - a BLATANTLY JEWISH COMPANY - is by far the worst offender (with the possible exceptions of JP Morgan-Chase and Citi-bank group, all three of which are allied with Robert Rubin and the London & Tel Aviv based Rothschild's banking cartel).

   AMERICANS  are being ROBBED of BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars,    and  BOTH Republicans AND  Democrats are STANDING IN LINE  TO HAND THOSE BILLIONS  in "bailouts"  to fraudulent banksters, in return for a few lousy millions in kickback, slush fund "campaign donations"  BRIBES. 

  The proof of the above is simplicity itself:  In America's entire year long  "Change we can NOT! Believe In"  health care "reform" FARCE,  there is NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE  speaking up for AMERICA's SMALL BUSINESSES who are being HAMMERED by the  health care industries'  giant INSURANCE corporations - Small Business powers SEVENTY PERCENT  of the American economy, and NO ONE, but  uber "liberal"  Congressman Dennis Kucinich is speaking up for them!
 (And the corporate owned "major media"  long ago learned how to MARGINALIZE and muzzle  the courageous Congressman from Ohio.) 
 In a nutshell, BOTH the Democrats, AND  Republicans, are  INSTIGATING  DOMESTIC TERRORISM in America, by WHITEWASHING the THEFT of TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars (much less the DESTRUCTION of American wealth by "pump and dump" attacks on pensions and the American economy leading TO the Economic Crisis).    Mr. Rich's  column outlines the "CHRISTIAN" Right-Wing  (i.e. "Republican") component of this TREASON & TREACHERY,  but it simply must be acknowledged that the JEWISH COMPONENT to Right-Wing Treason & Treachery - the GODDAMN-SACHS HIJACKING of the U.S. Treasury, and premeditated DESTRUCTION of the American economy -  is IN BED WITH those Republican congressmen & senators who PLAY TO White Christian resentments to get elected, while  continuing to hand BILLIONS of taxpayer extorted dollars  to Bernanke's Fed and Blankfein's Goddamn Sachs, in return for a few hundred thousand dollars of  kickback  slush fund bribery "campaign donations" from the Financial lobby. 

  Indeed, the deeper you go into Mr. Rich's column,  the more he starts to morph in to a typical New York Times NEO-CON:  giving ANY voice to America's OUTRAGE over Economic Destruction and BAILOUTS FRAUD, is tantamount, in Mr. Rich's column,  to  "Tea Party" rage. 

   In our estimation, the NEW YORK TIMES, itself (closely followed by the Washington Post)  IS THE BIGGEST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION in America _and_ the world, because without the Times & Post RELENTLESS WHITEWASHING of Neo-Con Financial Fraud, Likudnik WARMONGERING,  and premeditated ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION LARCENY,  the Tea Partiers would not have the destruction of the American economy (and thus  the DESTRUCTION of their own families' financial well being)  to be outraged about. 

  Don't forget, the TRIGGER that set Timmy McVeigh off on his DOMESTIC TERRORISM jihad mass-murder bombing of a federal govt. building, was McVeigh's being INVOLUNTARILY DISCHARGED from his job in the U.S. Army as a decorated Gulf War 1 combat veteran, followed by  UNEMPLOYMENT in upstate New York during the BUSH-1  RECESSION,  followed by the U.S. Army billing McVeigh for $1,000 in "OVERPAID WAGES"  the Army's GHOULISH accountants claimed Mr. McVeigh must pay them back, at a time when McVeigh had no income and no job prospects. 

  Although Mr. Frank Rich gets the "CHRISTIAN"  White Right-Wing component of the TREASONOUS HATE FOR AMERICA correct, he FAILS to see that the NEW YORK TIMES is an even larger component of that "HATE AMERICA" TREASON & TREACHERY, giving NO VOICE to the would be Timmy McVeigh's out there, who UNDERSTAND that they are being robbed,  and who UNDERSTAND that BOTH the Obama/Pelosi Democrats, and the Bush/McConnell Republicans, ARE PART OF THE SAME ECONOMIC LARCENY, and have NO outlets for their angst and fury, but Tea Party rage.