Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama an Increasingly WEAK and pathetic president: As GOP _OBSTRUCTS_ even ROUTINE nominations, New Mexico legislature SHOWS HOW IT'S DONE... EFFORTLESSLY...

  update:  Paul Krugman chimes in to agree with us,  Obama is "CLUELESS"...
 "Oh. My. God....  WE'RE DOOMED!"
Tonight's  lead photo & lede headline from HuffingtonPost.com is a portrait in irony & pathos, under the headline,
"Obstruction Fetish: Senate Republicans Block Another ROUTINE Obama Nomination,"  Huffington Post runs a page-width photo of a sweating Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and two of his pasty-faced sidekick Rethuglican  senators, dominating the camera lens.

  HOW's THAT  "TOUGH GUY"  "Chicago take-no-prisoners" Chief of Staff or yours,  RAHM EMANUEL,  WORKING OUT FOR YOU, President Obama?!

  A mere dozen months after you were SWEPT INTO OFFICE on a TIDAL WAVE of REJECTION of the Bush-Cheney-Rethuglican agenda,  you ARE BEING _PUNKED_,  the by pale, pathetic remnants of the disgraced and rejected Bush-Cheney-Helms-Lott-Frist-Thurmond  Republicans at that,  and your  "tough guy"  Chief of Staff DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE what to do!
   (besides HAND MORE TAXPAYER BILLIONS to his &  Robert Rubin's friends over at Citi, Goddamn-Sachs, JPM, and elsewhere  on Wall Street, that is.)  

    But just HOW PATHETIC  the clueless, corrupt, and embattled Obama really is, is revealed over at another,  innocuous Huffpost link and headline tonight: 
  "New Mexico House Votes To Move State's Money."
"House Says 'No More' To Big Banks  In 65-0 Vote."

  GOT THAT, President Obama? 

   THERE WERE 10,000 things YOU COULD HAVE DONE to REIGN IN THE BANKING FRAUDS who DROVE AMERICA's ECONOMY INTO THE SEWER, but instead YOU REWARDED THEM with TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer-extorted bailouts, SUCKING MONEY _OUT_ of the productive parts of the economy in the process!  
SIXTY FIVE TO ZERO, Mr. President!   Now THERE's some of the "bi-partisan LEADERSHIP"  you keep claiming you want to exhibit.
   The American public is DISGUSTED with the BIG, FAILED, BANKRUPT, credit-extorting, economy WRECKING, cash-sucking-up banksters,  but since you have stacked your administration with NOTHING BUT  failed (if not fraudulent) Neo-Con bankers, not only are you CLUELESS to the nation's pulse,  but you have SQUANDERED the first vital 13 months of your presidency, and,  as we just stated, your Chief of Staff and his minions DON'T HAVE A CLUE what to do next!

  Oh yeah... since Chief of Staff  Emanuel (and his fellow  Neo-Cons  POSING as "liberal Democrats") are, like JOE LIEBERMAN,    far  MORE CLOSELY ALLIED to  Right-Wing REPUBLICANS  and big finance CORPORATE DONORS
(in  tax-cuts for wealthy, for  expanding wars, for no oversight bailouts, in support of no oversight torture gulags and police state powers, among other signature Right-Wing agenda items) than they are to the serfs and peons who voted you into office,  the will DESTROY the FILIBUSTER in the Senate... JUST IN TIME for a  REPUBLICAN TAKE-OVER OF the House and Senate, as happened in 1994;    
 (Just as "Democrat" blustering about a  Department of "Homeland Security" was jumped on by Bush & Cheney and the Republican Neo-Cons  as another means to exert DICTATORIAL executive "ah'm a war-time president!" powers after 9-11.) 

  HECKUVA JOB THERE, Obama-bushie! 
   You're "tough guy" Chief of Staff is KICKING YOUR CORE SUPPORTERS in the teeth, making your presidency look weak and corrupt and rudderless,   and making MITCH McCONNELL  look like a back-alley bully at the same time!