Monday, February 15, 2010

Barack Obama a MURDEROUSLY RUTHLESS ECONOMIC HIT MAN for America's "Health" Insurance industry....

 BARACK OBAMA's  "ECONOMIC HIT MAN"  SABOTAGE of genuine health care reform all through 2009  PAYS DIVIDENDS...  for  Mr. Obama's  BIG PHARMA & BIG  INSURANCE, and Big HMO campaign-donating (LEGAL BRIBES)  executives & their bottom-line  "profits over lives" profiteering. 
 Insurance companies,  , with PROTECTION of the Obama/Emanuel/GoddamnSachs PROTECTION RACKET, JACK UP  American families'  health insurance premiums -
The evidence that Barack Obama SEES HIMSELF as a MEMBER of the BOARD... 

...a member of the Board of  Directors of the EXTORTIONATE BANKERS cabal and  their "Goddamn-Sachs uber alles"  financial cartels,   is EVERYWHERE you look.

    Below, one of the IMMEDIATE consequences of the insanely arrogant, aloof, and corrupt Mr. Obama PRETENDING NOT TO NOTICE Senator Max Baucus LAUGHING, as he ARRESTED doctors from, who were PROTESTING Baucus' DISGRACEFUL, DICTATORIAL, bought, bribed, paid for, and owned CENSORSHIP & OBSTRUCTION of genuine health care reform, Baucus (to repeat) LAUGHING as he CALLED FOR MORE POLICE to PROTEST his FIFTEEN-to-ZERO EXCLUSION of Single Payer (or even "Public Option") advocates from his insanely corrupt Senate Finance Committee "Health Care Reform" hearings.


 Protesters delay Senator Baucus' "THE FIX IS IN"  Senate Finance Committee SABOTAGE of  genuine health care reform;  Baucus LAUGHS as he has doctors removed by police from his  BRIBE-TAKING hearings:

Bill Kristol sneers "Whenever I hear of a HEARTLESS ASSAULT on children, I tend to THINK IT IS A GOOD IDEA."
  translation:    "Whenever AMERICAN CHILDREN DIE, because they are DENIED LIFE-SAVING MEDICAL CARE,  I DON'T GIVE A DAMN"
   Bill Kristol's  RADICAL Right-Wing REPUBLICAN "let 'em eat cake... AND DIE!" agenda, is  BARACK OBAMA and RAHM EMANUEL and MAX BAUCUS and JOE LIEBERMAN's  treacherous, treasonous,  America-hating agenda: