Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obama is SUCH A CORRUPT TOADY of Goldman Sachs... that he is making millions of Americans hope for a REPUBLICAN RESTORATION....

  Barack Obama is such a CORRUPT, LYING TOADY of Goldman Sachs and the other big, fraudulent New York, Wall Street, and "international" bankers,  that IN ONE YEAR FLAT he is pushing America's memory of the disastrous reign of George W. Bush & Dick Cheney out of our memories.   
  Here in our little corner of the world,  THREE of our friends and neighbors have been forced to WALK AWAY FROM THEIR HOME MORTGAGES in the 6 weeks since Christmas 2009....
   They  survived the 8 long years of Bush-Cheney-Paulson-Snow-Bernanke-Geithner (et al)  PREMEDITATED financial SWINDLING and ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION, but they could not hold on to their homes in the era of  OBAMA/emanuel/rubin/summers/geithner/bernanke (et al)  financial swindling and economic destruction. 
        ALL ACROSS AMERICA  Americans are waking up to the realization that BARACK OBAMA is a LYING FRAUD,  he is a RIGHT-WING ECONOMIC HIT-MAN big finance  EXTORTIONIST  only _posing_ as a "Democrat",  as his DISGRACEFUL SABOTAGE of a genuine health care reform option ("public plan option" or  some form of expanded Medicare), and his disgraceful SABOTAGE of financial reform, and so many other cases illustrate.
     As John Clinton Tuttle of Seattle, Washington found out,  Tuttle was forced to set up, and is waging "guerilla war" against extortionate credit card banks at http://www.CreditCardRevolt.com/,  when he realized that BARCK OBAMA was another credit card extortion and financial fraud WHITEWASHING  "economic hit man" FRAUD-PROFITEERING politician, taking campaign donations and legal bribes from the very fraudsters he should be restraining if not PROSECUTING:
"I thought when Obama won, that would be the end of it [credit card abuses and extortionate banking practices].
I thought there would be real credit card reform," he said.
"When the law passed in May, I saw that IT WAS ANOTHER JOKE.  They PRETENDED like it was reform but they [the Obama "Democrats"] WERE JUST TWEAKING the FINE PRINT.  The real sign is the vote in the Senate -- 90 to 5. That's total baloney." 
  Mr. Obama IS SUCH A WEAK, CORRUPT, and EASILY BRIBED & INTIMIDATED "leader," that HIS OWN "Democrat"  caucus is in  all but  OPEN REVOLT AGAINST HIM - this time  Right-Wing "yellow-dog" (or "blue dog") "Democrat" Ben Nelson has vowed to FILIBUSTER an Obama appointee... his own party leader's appointee! -   "Ben Nelson will back GOP filibuster"  and Democratic candidates all over America, whether Right-Wing yellow-dogs, or genuine liberals, are BEING FORCED to RUN AWAY from President Obama's record of  ABJECT CORRUPTION, weakness and GOLDMAN-SACHS uber alles &  Neo-Con WARMONGERING treachery, at 1,000 miles an hour...

  The 2008 predictions that Obama's "of, by, and for Goddamn-Sachs" economics team would be A DISASTER for America,  and the 2009 prediction that Mr. Obama's insanely corrupt  Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, would bring about A MASSACRE of Democratic candidates in the November 2010 elections with his "RADICAL RIGHT-WING Neo-Con 'investment banker'  POSING as a 'liberal Democrat'" treachery,  are both being borne out with a vengeance.... Mr. Obama is SO CORRUPT, so venal,  so hypocritical, and so in-your-face LYING in covering up vast financial crimes,  that millions of Americans are ALREADY  remembering the Bush years with nostalgia!