Tuesday, April 28, 2009

America as a Nation of LIARS & INCOMPETENTS: We Accept Minnesota's UNFINISHED Senate Election Count as "Acceptable" !!

JUST HOW STUPID, HOW CORRUPT, HOW VENAL, and HOW INCOMPETENT has American society, and America's "leadership" (and specifically the "leadership" of the two major politcal parties, the "Democrats" and the Republicans) become over the past 2 decades - ???

SO stupid, SO venal, SO incompetent, and SO corrupt, that we Americans, in the year 2009, are expected to take as "SITUATION NORMAL - THAT's HOW IT IS!"
that FIVE, almost SIX MONTHS after the conclusion of the Senate election races of 2006, WE STILL HAVE NOT RESOLVED THE WINNER of Minnesota's election race between uber-Neo-Con warmongering police-state Republican Liar NORM COLEMAN, and his neo-con-lite Democratic Party opponent (former comedian, author, and talk show host) Al Franken!

AMERICANS, and their political "leaders," and the corporate press-media liars and propagandist, take it as "SITUATION NORMAL" that American in the first decade of the 21st century CAN NOT RESOLVE A CLOSE ELECTION,
because Republicans feel that they are ENTITLED to shout, whine, scream, moan, cry, & pout every time they lose a close election... even though this century, and this milenia, started with REPUBLICAN George W. Bush and Dick Cheney supporters labelling Al Gore after the (stolen) November 2000 elections as the "SORE LOSER-MAN"!

And, INSTITUTIONALLY, the COWARDLY, CORRUPT, COMPLACENT, and Neo-Con dominated (Israel lobby, war-lobby, police-state lobby, and big-finance lobby) "Democrat" Party, STILL has NO ANSWER to REPUBLICAN ELECTION THUGGERY besides "patience" and letting serial vote-recount lawsuits wind their way through a corrupt "conservative" Federalist Society (Republican) dominated courts & legal-challenge apparatus!

THAT IS HOW IT IS in America: as BOTH parties move towards AUTHORITARIAN, MONEY-PARTY DOMINANCE of ALL sectors of government, media, industry, and especially the financial thieves and robber-barons who DOMINATE American society at the apex of the big-finance web, the CHARADE that America actually is a DEMOCRACY, FALLS APART under the INABILITY of America to find a winner in close elections, IF Republican THUGS can claim a shred of a right to STEAL an election!

The above just the prelude to this article about ONE specific aspect of America's INSANELY CORRUPT psuedo-democracy, our ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES which are RIFE with FRAUD.

The cowardly, complacent, INSTITUTIONALLY CORRUPT "Democrat" "Leadership" SIMPLY CAN NOT MAKE a persuasive argument that America SHOULD DO BETTER than serial REPUBLICAN ELECTIONS HIJACKINGS, because the Democrat "LEADERS" Like NANCY PELOSI, HARRY REID, JAY ROCKEFELLER, CHUCK SCHUMER, Joe Lieberman, and JANE HARMAN, are FAR CLOSER to the AIPAC (Israel) LOBBY, to the BIG MONEY LOBBYISTS and donors, and to the AUTHORITARIAN "war-on-terror" POLICE-STATE LOBBY
(i.e. - TO THE REPUBLICAN AGENDA!) than they are to working-stiff Americans ROBBED of their votes (in some critical states, counties, & voting precincts), EVERY election cycle!
(Note: California "Democrat" Congresswoman JANE HARMON, long suspected of HELPING the BUSH-CHENEY Re-ELECTION of 2004 by lobbying the NEW YORK TIMES to WITHHOLD PUBLICATION of the Bush administration's ILLEGAL SURVIELLANCE story UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION was over, is now the center of attention re those same NSA wiretaps on her own conversations! And specifically, that she was actively WORKING WITH AGENTS OF the ISRAEL GOVERNMENT, in order to secure THEIR SUPPORT for her bid for the CONGRESS INTEL COMMITTEE CHAIR after Democrats won the majority in the 2006 election!)

So - while IRELAND can go BACK to PAPER BALLOTS, to insure _democratic_ and ELECTION AUTHENTICITY, AMERICANS - the self-proclaimed WORLD LEADERS - can NOT run an election without the BIG-FINANCE and WAR-LOBBY claiming a VETO power over ANY election close enough for them to WHINE and CRY about !! !


The Irish government has given up on e-voting and is moving back to paper. The cost of continuing with the failed system is too high, and the crisis-stricken country is too cash-strapped.

By Jon Stokes
updated April 24, 2009

Ireland's decision that it can't bear the continued costs of e-voting is merely the latest in an ongoing string of such decisions, in which [US] states like OHIO and FLORIDA have said that it's just too expensive to limp along with what is, in essence, A FAILED, POORLY PLANNED, [INACCURATE, UNRELIABLE!] large-scale IT infrastructure deployment. Few governments that scrap their existing e-voting systems go all the way back to paper like Ireland, though. In the case of Florida, for instance, the state moved totally to optical scan machines (AND THEN IT STILL MANAGED TO SCREW UP AN ELECTION). [!!!]


BEING AN AMERICAN in 2009, means being in a country that CLAIMS to "LEAD" in "freedom" and "democracy" - but CAN NOT RUN accurate and honest elections without hysterics and running to the CORRUPT, "FEDERALIST SOCIETY" (right-wing Republican) dominated CORRUPT US Courts system for every close election !!

(Just to repeat the final link in the above article, here is that link again:
EVEN IN 2008, after the state of Florida had a DISGRACEFUL electoral-vote count in Florida District 13 in 2006, where over 18,000 votes were registered as "undervotes," (i.e. almost certainly not counted correctly - the "undervote" tallies for similar-sized districts was always below the low 1,500 range) - AGAIN, in 2008, the ENTIRE ELECTION OUTCOME for one judicial race was in dispute, nearly THREE-THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED votes were NOT counted in a mandatory vote recount, after the first tabulation declared one candidate the winner by just 17 votes.)