Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's BLATANT CORRUPTION becomes.. MORE blatant! Hires as "Auto Czar" Bankster UNDER INVESTIGATION for KICBACKS !!

President Obama's self-destructive dependence on (and apparent AWE for) the BANKSTERS he has chosen to LEAD his administration's efforts at economic recovery - has long ago crossed the line from poor policy to blatant corruption.
Now, with Mr. Obama INSISTING on his choice as "CAR CZAR" to oversee the pending BANKRUPTCY DEMOLITION of.. General Motors and Chrysler! - Mr. Obama has picked.... A WALL STREET banker UNDER INVESTIGATION for "KICK-BACKS"!!

Clearly, the new president sees his first three months in office as a Hollywood PR tour to pump up the release of a new movie. In Hollywood productions, the making of a movie is the hard work, and the selling of the movie is show business. Which may be 'hard work' of itself, but will not change the results of the product, that is, the movie which is already 'in the can.'

Mr. Obama seems to think that WINNING the White House was the hard work, and now, everything else being just SHOW BUSINESS, it matters NOT that he is GIVING TRILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO the big Wall Street banks, WHILE UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE, HEALTH-CARE INSURANCE, PENSIONS, SAVINGS, and even life-insurance policies are being HAMMERED for MILLIONS of Americans. Yes, public-works and infrastructure investment spending will create jobs, restore some spending, and, hopefully, move the economy in a modern, forward direction, as the US interstate highway program - THE BIGGEST single GOVERNMENT SPENDING (= "socialism") PROGRAM in WORLD HISTORY - once powered STEADY GROWTH in the American economy from the 1950s straight through to the 1990s.
But Mr. Obama INTENTIONALLY IGNORING the millions of Americans facing economic hard-times, as he HANDS HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars to BANKERS - with NO oversight, AUDITS, or even acknowledgment of the BAILOUT TOTALS - is simply astounding.
For all his TALK about "my campaign is funded by millions of small donors, I do NOT need to rely on BIG donors," Mr. Obama has made the BIG BANKERS the CENTER of HIS ENTIRE White House universe.

Obama needs a new car czar -
[His current "Car Czar" in an INVESTMENT BANKER, NOT a Car person, and is UNDER INVESTIGATION for "kicbacks" !!!]

by Jonathan Berr
Posted: April 17, 2009

Why did the Obama administration name investment banker Steven Rattner as the head of auto task force knowing that New York prosecutors were investigating whether he had a role in a kickback scheme at New York state’s pension fund?

To be bure, Rattner, co-founder of the Quadrangle Group, and the firm have not been charged with a crime. The pay-to-play scam was allegedly done through intermediaries. Nonetheless, the investment banker took some actions that, as the Wall Street Journal notes, raise some troubling questions....
The fact that the Obama administration knew about the investigation but chose to ignore it anyway is pretty disturbing. Rattner was given an important job to save the auto industry at a critical time for the economy. The last thing the American people need is a distraction like this one.

For the good of everybody, Rattner should give up his fledgling career in government service. He certainly does not need the money.