Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The CIA, the WASHINGTON POST, and the ISRAEL WAR & big finance LOBBY - JOINED at the hip....

ho humm. Writing that "the radical-right Wing Israel War Lobby" (i.e. the LIKUD Party, which prayed for, incited, and applauded THE ASSASSINATION of Prime Minister Rabin in 200_) is SYNONYMOUS with the NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST, is sort of like writing "the sky is full of air, and the ocean is full of seawater."
If you need a real source to expose a few tidbits of this vast ocean of fact, here's an excellent one -
- by a "Washington Insider" who helped to break the "IRAN-CONTRA" scandal (i.e. "ILLEGAL Republican/Isreal-lobby WARS in Central & South Ameica, beyond the oversight or even knowledge of Congressional approval") back in the earl 1980s.
(note: The US Constitution SPECIFICALLY grants the power to declare and fund war to the US Congress - NOT to the ISRAEL, the war-lobby or right-wing Republican War-Party.)
Well, SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE, and, today, nearly THREE DECADES LATER, the ISRAEL LOBBY and the Republican WAR-PARTY, STILL take it as "their right" to dominate and control the US government, especially where FOREIGN WARS are concerned.
(In this case, if EXPANSION of US wars in Mideast and even WITHIN the borders of the former Soviet Union are TEMPORARILY on hold because of the American public's REJECTION of the Republican STRANGLEHOLD on Congress, the Senate, and the White House (and the vast majority of the US judiciary, corporate America, and state and local governments) in 2006 and 2008 elections - then there is ALWAYS the CIA RUNNING COVERT WARS, BEYOND the view of Congress, which is any even - "Democratic" Party not-with-standing, STILL, ALSO owned by the Israel War-Lobby.)
(note: Even the nominally "opposition" "CHANGE!" candidate Barack Obama White House is now, and was IMMEDIATELY, DOMINATED by the AIPAC neo-cons, in the person of _Chief of Staff_ RAHM EMANUEL and the Obama Goldman-Sachs dominated financial/"economics" team, among others, including AIPAC- & banking-friendly VP former Senator from-the-credit-card-state Joe Biden.)

CIA and the Washington Post: Joined at the Hip
Written by Melvin A. Goodman
Monday, 27 April 2009 00:00
By Melvin A. Goodman

Under the stewardship of Fred Hiatt, the editorial and op-ed pages of the Washington Post have gradually moved to the right. Post editorials and op-eds have defended the decision to go to war in Iraq; opposed any improvement in bilateral relations with Russia; refused to acknowledge Israel’s misuse of military power in the Middle East; and lobbied against the need for investigation of the detention and interrogation programs of the Bush administration.

As part of the campaign to prevent a rigorous examination of “enhanced interrogation techniques” (read: “torture and abuse”), the Washington Post's editorial pages have been particularly protective of the Central Intelligence Agency and its senior leaders--the ideological drivers for torture and extraordinary renditions policies. These CIA leaders, particularly deputy director Steven Kappes and acting general counsel John Rizzo, are not trying to protect the reputation and mission of the CIA; they are trying to protect themselves.... (continued)