Saturday, April 25, 2009


NEW: Just after we wrote the below comment, "President Obama & Eric Holder IGNORE the POLITICAL LYNCHING of former Alabama Dem. Governor by KARL ROVE on behalf of the Bush-Cheney White House"; we ran in to THIS website and video: detailing how in the 8 years of the Bush-Cheney White House, Karl Rove got REPUBLICAN JUDGES to try DEMOCRATIC Party officials charged with amazingly fine-print criminal charges... and in case after case after case after case, the REPUBLICAN JUDGES found the DEMOCRATIC Defendents GUILTY - just as LERUA CANARY, the WIFE of KARL ROVE's FRIEND and CAREER REPUBLICAN ACTIVISTS William (Bill) CANARY - tried Democratic Governor DON SIEGELMAN, before a REPUBLICAN JUDGE in Alabama....
KARL ROVE TRIED TO SET UP AN AMERICAN DICTATORSHIP, and there are up to 3,500 - THREE THOUSAND+ VICTIMS - of Rove's Political JIHAD - and Mr. Rove is himself CONTEMPTUOUS of the law, SCORNING a Congressional Subpeoena for MONTHS.

It's pretty bad when the NEO-CON NEW YORK TIMES: LIES-TO-WAR, WHITEWASH TORTURE, TAX-CUTS FOR RICH in-time-of-war, KANGAROO COURTS for FEMALE privates charged with "abuse" WHILE the president & vice-president openly BRAG about their 'right' to TORTURE PRISONERS TO DEATH...

.... when the NY Times has an opportunity to get on a moral soap-box and chide the administration to SEE TO JUSTICE...

...but in the case of this "REVIEW the DON SIEGELMAN CONVICTION by KARL ROVE's FRIENDS in the Republican-dominated ALABAMA US ATTORNEY's OFFICE" op-ed, the NY Times is doing exactly that.

Indeed, the Times notices that President Obama's Attorney General, ERIC HOLDER, has recently DROPPED ALL CHARGES against former Alaska Republican Senator TED STEVENS... but thus far, Mr. Holder and Mr. Obama REFUSE to SEE TO JUSTICE in the DON SIEGELMAN case.
and the PROOF of the POLITICAL LYNCHING nature of the Siegelman conviction is EASY to ascertain: Siegelman was CONVICTED of "PUTTING A CAMPAIGN DONOR on an Alabama medical/health-care oversight board."

BY THAT STANDARD, EVERY Republican who has ever held Executive office in the past 100 years should be doing TWENTY YEARS IN PRISON!!

The OBAMA/HOLDER DOUBLE STANDARD of "justice" re the Don Seigelman case is also apparent in another, equally important area (as if you could have an issue 'more important' than POLITICAL LYNCHINGS of a rival, popularly elected state executive officer):
and that is, that MARTHA STEWART was SENT TO PRISON by the BUSH-CHENEY Department of "Justice" and SEC for SELLING A LOUSY $55,000 of ImClone stock - that Mrs. Stewart had EVERY RIGHT TO SELL, at ANY TIME, on ANY 'TIP', from ANYONE, because she had NO, ZERO _fiduciary connection_ to ImClone company.

The CHARGE the insanely CORRUPT Bush FBI, SEC, and DoJ eventually won Stewart's conviction on was "LYING TO FBI & SEC investigators."

BY _THAT_ STANDARD, the ENTIRE BUSH ADMINISTRATION should be doing LIFE in prison! Bush SENIOR ADVISOR (and concurrent VP Cheney _CHIEF OF STAFF_ I. Lewis 'Scooter' LIBBY was CONVICTED - of PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, by a SYMPATHETIC Washington DC jury - and never saw a day of jail time!

Needless to say, BY THE STANDARDS of the MARTHA STEWART CONVICTION, THREE-QUARTERS of Wall Street's Big Bank executives SHOULD BE IN PRISON, for the perjurous ACCOUNTING and FRAUDULENT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS that have created this economic crisis, with at least TWELVE TRILLION DOLLARS of "real" American investor savings, pension funds, and equity (not to mention home values) - "REAL" money invested by working Americans using their salaries and paychecks - that has VANISHED IN TO THIN AIR.


Which, of course, leads to the question, "WHY are HOLDER and OBAMA OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE re a SWIFT REVIEW of the LYNCH-MOB PROSECUTION of Don Seigelman (to repeat, CONVICTED of something that EVERY Republican governor and president does 1,000 times in each & every term of office), and "WHERE are the SWIFT PROSECUTIONS and INDICTMENTS for FINANCIAL FRAUD over the economic crisis and market meltdowns?"

AND THE SHORT, SIMPLE ANSWER is that Obama and Holder are BEHOLDEN TO their "BIG FINANCIAL BACKERS" - they do NOT want to expose the Siegelman LYNCHING, and they do NOT want to PROSECUTE FINANCIAL FRAUD and CORRUPTION, because their WALL STREET and specifically GOLDMAN-SACHS bankers DON'T WANT THEM TO.
(And that of course includes RAHM EMANUEL, Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, and whoever else it is in the Obama White House whispering sweet nothings into Mr. Obama's ear.)

(And, NO, the BERNIE MADOFF prosecution DOES NOT COUNT! He pleaded guilty in a PAINLESS non-trial, so his family would be able to continue to control the MILLIONS of dollars that will make his prison term far easier to bear.)

Mr. Obama & Mr. Holder agree with the "WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT 'consensus'" - ONE Standard of "justice" for KARL ROVE, GOLDMAN-SACHS, and Republican TORTURE lawyers & high officials, another ENTIRELY HARSHER standard of PUNITIVE "justice" for "UPPITY WOMEN" like Martha Stewart, and "UPPITY Liberal Democrats" who have the temerity to win high office in an uber-"red-state" FORMER SLAVE STATE, as Don Seigelman had the political talent and savvy to win the Governor's race in VERY "RED" state Alabama, boosting him to NUMBER TWO on the GOP HIT LIST in 2002...
....just behind Minnesota Democratic SENATOR Paul Wellstone, who "conveniently" DIED in an "airplane accident" just as he was about to WIN RE-ELECTION in 2002, and just before he would become THE BIGGEST OBSTACLE to the pending Bush-Cheney-PNAC IRAQ WAR, in the entire US Congress & political world.

NOTE to Mr. Holder & Mr. Obama: the Cardinal Rule of Washington is "POWER: USE IT, or LOOSE IT." LETTING Republicans GET AWAY WITH MURDER, while watching as your friends, supporters, and voters are intimidated with impunity, IS NOT a WISE application of power.

The Siegelman Case
NY Times editorial board (unsigned editorial)
April 24, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent decision to drop all of the charges against Ted Stevens, the former Republican senator from Alaska, because of PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT [note: AG Holder and the DoJ have NEVER EXPLAINED exactly what that "prosecutorial misconduct" was, besides the generic, "prosecutors withheld information from the defense." Since the ENTIRE Ted Stevens prosecution was based on his getting HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars of FREE home remodeling, the question is: "WHAT could the prosecution have POSSIBLY hid from the defense?"!!] raises an important question: What about Don Siegelman? A bipartisan group of 75 former state attorneys general has written to Mr. Holder asking him to take a fresh look at the former Alabama governor’s case. He should do so right away.

Mr. Siegelman was CONVICTED in 2006 on DUBIOUS CORRUPTION CHARGES [springing from his 1st term as Alabama Governor ending in 2002]. He spent nine months in prison [BURIED by the judge in a "NO COMMENTS ALLOWED" punitive incarceration] before being released on appeal, and he faces years more behind bars. He has long insisted that the case against him was politically motivated and that prosecutors engaged in an array of professional and ethical violations.

Many aspects of the case require further scrutiny. United States Attorney Leura Canary is the wife of a prominent Republican political operative who was a strong opponent of Mr. Siegelman. Her office prosecuted Mr. Siegelman. Ms. Canary said that she recused herself from the prosecution, but questions have been raised about whether she actually did.

Mr. Siegelman’s supporters have long argued that he was targeted by the Justice Department because he was Alabama’s leading Democratic politician and stood a good chance of once again being elected governor. A Republican lawyer in Alabama, Jill Simpson, has said that she heard Ms. Canary’s husband, William Canary, say that he had discussed the prosecution with Karl Rove, the senior White House political adviser..... (continued at

NOTE: THIS IS THE NEW YORK TIMES saying "Mr. Siegelman was convicted in 2006 on "DUBIOUS... charges" and "Siegelman’s supporters have long argued that he was TARGETED by the Justice Department because he was Alabama’s leading DEMOCRATIC politician and stood a good chance of once AGAIN BEING ELECTED elected governor" !!!!

NOT the so-called "liberal" New York Times... the "PRO-WAR, PRO-STOLEN-ELECTIONS, PRO-KANGAROO-COURTS for FEMALE PRIVATES, WHILE the president & vice-president ASSERT THE 'right' to TORTURE PRISONERS, PRO-WALL Street LOOTING of the US Treasury" New York Times!!