Saturday, April 4, 2009

TRAGEDY of Obama's INSANELY CORRUPT "Financial Team" begins to IMPLODE....

In keeping up with OBAMA's INSANELY CORRUPT "economics" team, "TODAY's NEWS" is ALREADY yesterday's 'news'!!
That's because Obama "Economic Advisor" LAWRENCE SUMMERS has been shown to have taken FIFTY-THOUSAND-dollars (PLUS!) "SPEAKING FEES"... FROM the VERY BANKS taking BAILOUT BILLIONS !!
If the presumption that this is PURE __KICKBACKS/bribery__ is a touch premature, then it is certainly clear that IF Mr. Summers "ADVICE" was actually worth $60,000 for a sub-one-hour speech, HE WOULD long ago HAVE ADVISED the Banks on HOW TO AVOID THE BANKRUPTCIES that have led them to demand TAXPAYERS SOCIALIZED BAILOUT BILLIONS in the first place!!

But ALREADY the news of this INSANELY CORRUPT song & dance act, this "ring around the posies, all fall down" act of ENTITLED NY/DC CORRUPTION, is being PUSHED OFF the front pages, because TODAY the WASHINGTON POST reports that the Obama "financial team" is... TRYING TO HELP the BIG, FAILED, BANKRUPT BANKSTERS _AWARD THEMSELVES HUGE BONUSES_ out of TAXPAYER bailout BILLIONS!!!
Mr. Obama is going STRAIGHT from "DELUSIONAL" to "DERANGED WITH CORRUPTION" as his INSANELY ENTITLED Goldman-Sachs Banksters "financial team" already has!!


President Obama has NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HIMSELF, for the UNFOLDING DISASTER that is his INSANELY CORRUPT, "BANKERS ONLY!" economics/financial team IMPLODING under the sheer weight of their own corruption, grotesque ENTITLEMENT, and.... ABJECTLY INCOMPETENT & FAILED administration of their respective financial charges!
Indeed, a huge portion of Obama's ENTIRE "Financial team" - #1. ROBERT RUBIN; #2. LAWRENCE SUMMERS, #3. RAHM EMANUEL, #4. TIM GEITHNER, #5. Gary GENSLER; #6. Geithner Chief of Staff Mark Patterson ARE ALL INVESTMENT BANKERS!!!!
At least four of the above - Rubin, Summers, Genlser, Patterson - CAME DIRECTLY FROM GOLDMAN-SACHS!! (in Summers case, he got "consulting" paychecks from Goldman; in Geithner's case, his two mentors, Rubin & Summers, were both Goldman-Sachs bankers.)

Robert Rubin PRESIDED OVER DISASTER LAST YEAR, as his company, CITI-BANK (which became the DEREGULATED "INVESTMENT BANK" giant "Citi-GROUP" after Rubin helped push the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act & Commodity Futures 'Modernization' Acts of 1999 and 2000, respectively) CORRODED INTO BANKRUPTCY, saved ONLY by former Goldman-Sachs bankster Paulson's HUNDEREDS of BILLIONS of dollars of SOCIALIZED TAXPAYER BAILOUTS!!

And GOLDMAN-SACHS ITSELF was a company that would be IN BANKRUPTCY, but for HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars of thoe same TAXPAYER, _SOCIALIZED_ BAILOUTS, handed out by FORMER GOLDMAN-SACHS CHAIRMAN (and then, in September of 2008, President George W. Bush's Treasury Secretary) HANK PAULSON - with NO OVERSIGHT, AUDITS, or questions allowed!

WHERE THE HELL did Mr. Obama get the idea that ROBERT RUBIN - a guy whose ENTIRE COMPANY (Citi) metled down into BANKRUPTY but for hundreds-of-billions of dollars of taxpayer "bailouts" - has ANY "GOOD ADVICE" to give???

WHERE THE HELL did Mr. Obama get the idea that his GOLDMAN-SACHS BANKSTERS - whose company SHOULD also BE IN BANKRUPTCY, saved ONLY by their ex-Chairman Paulson's GIFTS of TENS of BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer BAILOUTS to his "former" company, would have "GOOD" advice on the US Finanical markets?!!