Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Senator Dick Durbin: "THE BANKS OWN the US Senate" - are OBSTRUCTING & Killing FORECLOSURE RELIEF

ON this 100th Day of the Obama presidency, as the majority of "liberal" leaning news organizations and reporters are celebrating President Obama's 61% positive approval rating, Senator DICK DURBIN went on the "Ed Show" on MSNBC, were show host Ed Schultz QUOTED Senator Durbin from an earlier radio interview, Ed Schultz quoting Senator Durbin as saying "THE BANKS OWN THE US SENATE."

This is of course a TERRIBLE INDICTMENT of the US Senate, and of the ENTIRE US government and political process - ESPECIALLY in a day and era when THESE SAME BANKS WOULD BE BANKRUPT, and bankers would rightly be UNEMPLOYED - BUT FOR TRILLIONS of dollars of TAXPAYER-subsidized BAILOUTS.

WHICH, to this day, we do NOT get a GOOD ACCOUNTING OF - the Bankers and their CORRUPT allies in BOTH the "Democrat" & Republican parties, ASSIST the Bankers in KEEPING THE TOTAL AMOUNTS of US TAXPAYER BAILOUTS, SECRET !!

And now the SAME BANKERS are making their BOUGHT & OWNED SENATORS _OBSTRUCT_ Bankruptcy Reform and foreclosure relief!

We have said here 1,000 time how Mr. Obama's ENTIRE "economics"/financial team is composed of - FAILED BANKERS, from ROBERT RUBIN who presided over the BANKRUPTCY of Citi-group last year, to LAWRENCE SUMMERS who, as President of Harvard, PRESIDED OVER THE CRASH of Harvard's Endowment, to TIMMY GIETHNER, who was the Federal Reserve banker (NY branch director) just 2 or 3 behind BEN BERNANKE, presiding over the meltdown on the ENTIRE US ECONOMY.
And the above list doesn't include President Obama's Chief of Staff, RAHM EMANUEL, who traded a senior advisor position in the Clinton White House in 1998, for a position at Chicago 'boutique' Investment Bank WASSERSTEIN PERELLA, where Emanuel used his 'Democrat' DC INSIDER connections to HELP POWER THROUGH "Merger & Acquisition" deals - more commonly known as LEVERAGED BUYOUTS, which almost always see bankers using HUGE "LEVERAGE" to take over companies, usually resulting in wholesale firings and layoffs. Emanuels "genius" is in his timing - he made a killing participating in the LBO/M&A deals when they were still in vogue, but getting out of that business in time to avoid the current financial & economic meltdown.
But it is still an open question, "WHO DOES EMANUEL OWE HIS ALLEGIANCE TO?" - the Bankers with whom he "earned" EIGHTEEN MILION DOLLARS, and lifetime financial security, in just 2 1/2 years closing "M&A" takeover deals; or the clueless canon-fodder American working public, who voted President Obama into the White House and the "Democrat" Party into the majorities in both House & Senate.