Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama - in first 3 months - DESTROYS the Credibility, & Promise, of his own administration....

Newer: Nobel Prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz:
"White House Ties to Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue"

New: just after posting the below rant, we stumbled on the Bloomberg story: "Fed Shrouding $2 Trillion in Bank Loans in ‘Secrecy,’"

OF COURSE IT IS NOT "the Fed" which is "SHROUDING HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of Fed BAILOUT dollars to FAILED BANKS in Secrecy" - is is MR. OBAMA's _own_ administration, making SHREDS of then Senator Obama's pledge for open & transparent accounting - much less of something so vital tothe heart and soul of America as how TAXPAYER DOLLARS are SPENT for economic RECOVERY.

We can not over-emphasize how high our hopes were for the Obama administration.

And, having "read between the lines" about the many 'disconnects' between what the American newspapers (media), government, and elites SAY, with what they are actually doing, from the time that Nixon & Kissinger & the US Army (& Air Force) were running a "SECRET WAR" in.. CAMBODIA in 1971, to the Iran-Contra wars within a half decade of the end of the Vietnam war, to Reagan & Bush's invasions of Grenada & Panama (respectively), to Reagan & Bush's arming & sponsorship of Iraq all through the Iran-Iraq war years (when the United States _TURNED on a DIME_ going from fear & loathing of the Iraqi dictator & his Soviet supported military, to active support of same after the Iran Islamic-dominated revolution) -
- having spent the past 4 decades "READING BETWEEN THE LINES" of what the United States government CLAIMS it it doing, and what it really IS doing....

.... we have to say, "NOTHING the Cheney-Bush administration ever did completely suprised us - not Bush Sr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, & the US military "establishment" selling _WMD PRECURSOR TECHNOLOGIES_ to Iraq in the 1980s, NOT then HALLIBURTON Chairman & CEO DICK CHENEY treacherously SELLING (via European subsidiaries) Halliburton oil-drilling equipment to Iraq... BEHIND THE BACKS of the US billion-dollar-per-year Sanctions on Iraq... certainly not the Bush-Cheney Republicans STEALING THE ELECTION of 2000 (and 2004 as well) as "Democrat" "LEADERS" ROLLED OVER and PRETENDED NOT TO NOTICE - we weren't even all that surprised when, after 9-11, ANTRHAX ATTACKS were sent to DEMOCRAT ONLY SENATORS - just by sheer happenstance THE TWO SENATORS most in the way of Dick Cheney's lust to get the un-P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act passed - nor were we even all that surprised when SENATOR PAUL WELLSTONE - Again THE ONE SENATE Democrat WITH THE moral authority and persuasive ability to DERAIL the MARCH TO WAR that Cheney and his CIA/DoD "Black Ops" types were so clearly LUSTING for - when Senator Wellstone's aircraft fell out of the sky, in a basically unexplained aircraft accident (NO, there was NOT heavy icing that night) -
... none of the above were completely out of the realm of "empirical model of the radical-right war-state agenda".....
HOWEVER, NEVER in a million years, could we imagine that SENATOR Barack Obama would VOLUNTARILY MAKE HIMSELF the WHOLLY OWENED SUBSIDIARY of GOLDMAN-SACHS, as soon as he became President!
NOR could we POSSIBLY IMAGINE that a President-Elect Obama would search the length and breadth of America to find... THE BEST TALENT to get America OUT of the nightmare "DEREGULATION and DEFICIT SPENDING RECESSION" that the Bush-Cheney administration & Republican Congress got America in to - and that of ALL the talent in America, Mr. Obama would... SELECT LAWRENCE SUMMERS, ROBERT RUBIN,and TIM GEITHNER to lead his economic recovery!!!!!!
To repeat for the one-millionth time, HERE are GEITHNER, SUMMERS, and Rubin's "QUALIFICATIONS" from last year:
#1. as an executive who "earned" $125 MILLION working as a TOP executive for CITI-Group, Roberty Rubin (who, before he was Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, was CHAIRMAN of _Goldman-Sachs_) - PRESIDED OVER DISASTER, Citi-group DESCENDING INTO BANRUPTCY last year, SAVED ONLY by the BAILOUTS which Rubin's fellow Goldman-Sachs EX-CHAIRMAN (and Bush's then Treasury Secretary) Hank Paulson's $700 BILLION dollar TAXPAYER BAILOUTS, a HUGE CHUNK of which went to Goldman-Sachs & Citi....
#2. TIMMY GEITHNER - a Rubin & Summers PROTEGE at Treasury when Rubin & Summers were Secretaries (of Treasury, Summers taking over when Rubin left for Citi-group) - "TOPPED" MR. Rubin in the "catastrophe" department last year, while Rubin presided over the bankruptcy of just one company, GEITHNER, as CHAIRMAN of the largest, most important, most vital US Fed Bank, PRESIDED OVER THE MELTDOWN of the ENTIRE US banking & financial industry, again, BAILED OUT _ONLY_ by Hank Paulson's oh-so-generous dispensing of TAXPAYER HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars...
#3. LAWRENCE SUMMERS "merely" got himself..... RUN OUT OF THE HARVARD PRESIDENT'S office! No easy feat, given the legendary arrogance of the Boston Brahmins who rule America's oldest college. But NOT before Summers FIRED the Quantitative Analyst who informed his office that the HARVARD MANAGEMENT COMPANY was INVESTING IN RISKY DERIVATIVES... which they had NO idea of the total risk of!!
SINCE Mr. Summers left his little perch at the very apex of all of American acadamia.... HARVARD's ENDOWMENT has PLUMMETED into the abyss!

OUT OF ALL the people in America he could have choosen to head his economic team, THESE were the Three Stooges Mr. Obama selected to lead America's recovery.... three OVER-PAID, OVER-PROMOTED HACKS who are as responsible for DIGGING AMERICA INTO that financial ditch, as ANYONE short of HANK PAULSON and BEN BERNANKE and George W. Bush themselves!!!

This is shaping up to be a DISASTER - for the Obama administration, and thus for a Democratic opposition party in America - on the very order of Vice President AL GORE's DISASTROUS choice of JOE LIEBERMAN to be his VP running mate, Lieberman not only a Republican-Lite" MORAL SCOLD during the Clinton Impeachment, but Lieberman was a full-blown "WAR WITH IRAQ, NOW!" PNAC neo-con, from THE MOMENT that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Jebby Bush SIGNED the Kristol-Kagan "Iraq war blueprint" in June 1997 & Jan. 1998 !!

And the entire above Rant - "Senator Obama PLEDGED CHANGE... but GAVE US the VERY GOLDMAN-SACHS BANKSTERS who CREATED THIS CRISIS" - is merely a prelude to today's news, "SENATOR OBAMA _CEDES_ CONTROL OF THE CIA TO... DICK CHENEY, who spent TEN YEARS in exile from being in the (official) US military establishment betweent leaving as Bush-1's Secretary of Defense in 1991, to becoming the most powerful Vice-President in US history in 2001 - well now, ONLY THREE MONTHS out of the White House, Mr. Cheney has been GRANTED FAR MORE INPUT INTO THE CIA and "BLACK OPS" operations by the US Government (many of which are of course "OUTSIDE" of "official" US government sponsorship; see "Mission Impossible", the self-burning assignment orders) by Mr. Obama's DEFERENCE today to the TORTURE & War-Crimes senior bureaucrats at the agency.

As we said, we can see "Black Ops" agents SABOTAGING LIGHT AIRCRAFT (in South & Central America, and Africa, that is something of a highly refined specialty)... we can "see" Mr. Cheney AIDING and SUPPLYING America's enemies... but we NEVER thought we'd see a President Obama PUTTING LAWRENCE SUMMERS RIGHT BACK IN POWER, after he was RUN OUT OF HARVARD on a rail!