Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ed Schultz SINGLE-HANDEDLY whips Dems to LEAD America in SINGLE-PAYER Health-care...

It would be NICE if Democrats REALLY WERE "LEADERS" on the issues & policies that the AMERICAN PEOPLE want, deserve, and need, but the sad fact is that under the tender mercies of the Democrats, not only did Republicans push through TAX-CUTS for BILLIONAIRES... in time of expanding wars! - but it was most certainly NOT the Democrats who STOOD UP for SOCIAL SECURITY, it was GRASS-ROOTS VOTERS who shot-down the Bush-GOP "PRIVATIZE Social Security" efforts, thank god.
Just to back up our contention, PRESIDENT OBAMA himself, has taken up where BUSH left off - talking about "REFORMING" Social Security!
With LESS THAN 1% ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS, the American people do NOT want "SOCIAL SECURITY 'REFORM'" - they want federal (congressional) legislators to KEEP THEIR GREEDY, cowering, LOBBYIST-subservient mitts OFF of workers' Social Security.
NOTE: Here's how STUPID and PATHETIC the COWERING DC Democrats can be:
IF RUN CORRECTLY, Social Security is NOT a TAX, but a form of SAVINGS (deferred savings) AND an disability insurance plan.
The foundation of "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM" is that you get what you pay for (or invest in), but when critics ASSAIL Social Security, they are IMPLYING that it is a REDISTRIBUTION of wealth. That is true ONLY for retirees who live long past their actuarial averages, but for the majority of Social Security recipients, it is either the DEFERED SAVINGS of a PENSION plan, or the insurance payout for disability.
DEMOCRATS can NOT make these simple arguments, because they don't even try to!
They, like much of the American public, have been CONDITIONED by THREE DECADES of BACKLASH to post-Vietnam & Civil Rights protest, the well-funded Right-Wing corporate media has had MONOPOLY CONTROL of the American 'news' media, and has had 20+ years to refine and polish their misleading (and often demagogue) media message.

THAT is why it is up to Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, and other OUTSIDE of Washington commentators NOT affiliated with the "Democratic" Party, to SPEAK UP for what the DEMOCRATIC Party SHOULD be advocating!