Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pres. Obama as a FOOL & SUBJECT FOR PARODY... by a PRO-OBAMA Dem. website!!

We consider Mr. Mark Karlin and the website he created and publishes,, to be one of the great websites on the web.... one of THE BEST portals to GOOD INFORMATION available to mankind anywhere on the globe at this moment.

(And we could have used the words "good information available to COMMON man", as if the Elites had super-secret zillion-dollar BETTER information sources... however, this is strictly NOT true.
Readers of information OPENLY AVAILABLE on the web & in better 'news' magazines COULD HAVE SEEN the RECESSION coming; could have seen the CONSEQUENCES for Phil Gramm's twin DEREGULATION ATROCITIES of 1999 and 2000 coming
(the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Commodity Futures Modernization Act, respectively, put VAST SWATHS of US financial markets BEYOND SEC oversight); and indeed, if "common" Americans had seen THIS simple CBS news TV & on-line article in July of 2001, "Ashcroft Flying High"
and CONNECTED the dots to the SIMPLE FACT that OSAMA bin LADEN & Al Qaida had NOT been PUNISHED seven full months into the Bush administration for the suicide-bomb TERRORIST MURDER ATTACK on the USS Cole from October 2000 (October 2000, that is - while Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and other Republican military & foreign-policy "experts" were BANGING THE DRUMS for "national security" alleged "superiority" over the Democrat Clinton-Gore administration)-
- Cheney, Bush, Rice and crew thus GIVING AL QAIDA a FREE PASS for 9 CRITICAL MONTHS, a FREE PASS to ATTACK AMERICA until the 9-11 hijackings actaully went down in September 2001)
-- IF Americans had seen the SIMPLE CBS news & on-line article,
(but LEAVING the word "TERRORIST" _out_ of "______ Threat Assessment")...
... then EVEN ORDINARY AMERICANS could have understood that a TERRORIST THREAT of the type 9-11 would prove to be was in the summer of 2001 an IMMMINENT threat to Americans and especially vulnerable airline passengers!

That is, _OUR_ information & 'intel' sources WERE BETTER than those available to VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY, the former DEFENSE SECRETARY who was the Victor of Gulf War-1 vs Iraq in 1991, but who in 20001 DID NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING to PROTECT AMERICANS from a KNOWN TERRORIST THREAT!

Well, in the TOPSY-TURVY world that is STUPID, SELFISH, violent, war-mongering, NEO-CON DEMAGOGUE DOMINATED America, we have to detour 5 paragraphs just to explain that THE INFORMATION available ON THE WEB, is EVERY BIT AS GOOD as the TRILLIONS-of-dollars of information available to the US leadership, high command, military, intel, & business elites!
(Either that, or DICK CHENEY is a TREASONOUS TRAITOR, for ALLOWING the Al Qaida terrorists to HIJACK those planes on 9-11, which of course is actually the case.)

Well, Back to Mr. Karlin & and their latest editor's commentary,

As we have said before, Mr. Karlin is a relentlessly Democratic editor & publisher, and he is from Chicago, the power-base of President Obama's political machine; and as an influential voice in Democratic politics - with articles read, written, and posted by Democratic Representatives & Senators appearing in the pages of Buzzlfash - we are reasonably certain that Mr. Karlin has met fellow Chicago Democrat powerbrokers RAHM EMANUEL, DICK DURBIN, and other members of the Democratic Party elites... including then Illinois Senator Barack Obama himself.

And Karlin & Buzzflash are STILL _STRONG SUPPORTERS_ of President Obama and his administration today.

Which makes the latest Buzzflash editor's commentary so astounding...
Mr. Karlin is REDUCED to PARODY, trying to explain, without being condemnatory, that the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE is actually a NEST OF VIPERS, of RIGHT-WING FINANCIAL PREDATORS who CREATED THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS !!

ALL that is missing is a THRONE for uber-Right-Wing Republican PHIL GRAMM to sit in command of all he surveys at the Obama White House, Gramm LORD & MASTER of all he survey's there _in Obama's house_!
...Phil Gramm the LORD & MASTER of the economic DEREGULATION policies (atrocities), that President Obama and his ENTIRE ECONOMICS TEAM are DEFENDING to this very day!!

...And. WORSE! (as if HARBORING the financial CORE "give no strings-attached billions to bankers!" of his WORST political ENEMIES, WITHIN his OWN house weren't bad enough),
...Obama & team are PROPPING UP those _Lord Phil Gramm_ DEREGULATION ATROCITIES with HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS... TO THIS DAY, WITHOUT A SINGLE AUDIT of ANY of the Gramm-Paulson-Rubin-Summers BANKING FOLLIES, three full months into the Obama presidency, and actually THREE TRILLION DOLLARS of US taxpayer money SHOVED OUT THE DOOR, and into the gaping waw of the Big Banks' financial black-hole - without Mr. Obama INSISTING on a SINGLE investigative, much less forenzic, much less criminal financial audit, of a single FAILED bank or (AIG) financial institution !!!!!

And, as we have said here 1,000 times before, Barack Obama's ENTIRE ECONOMIC TEAM are INVESTMENT BANKERS or i-bank LOBBYISTS... MOST OF THEM directly from GOLDMAN-SACHS!!

RAHM EMANUEL an INVESTMENT-BANKER from Chicago "boutique" investment bank WASSERSTEIN-Perella... "a boutique" investment bank in that it is a Goldman-Sach wannabe, a kinder, gentler, smaller, cuter & fuzzier version of Goldman-Sachs, BUT TIED IN to Goldman's FINANCIAL & POLITICAL CLOUT in the same way that (DUH!) RAHM EMANUEL is now TIED IN to FORMER Goldman-Sachs CHAIRMAN, ROBERT RUBIN, in the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE! (DOUBLE-duh!)

(Which, btw, is EXACTLY why RAHM EMANUEL was HIRED at Wasserstein-Perella, immediately upon leaving the Clinton White House in 1998, in the first place... to PROVIDE the POLITICAL (& thereby legal) MUSCLE to POWER THROUGH Wasserstein-Perella's MERGERS & ACQUISITON deals, LBOs (leveragaged buy-outs) - -
- the kind of deals where a taken-over company is FORCED to FIRE half of its workers, in order to PAY OFF the BANKERS' FEES, interest, & loans of the (often predatory) LBO!!

Yep, uber-Democrat political "fixer" (and now Obama's chief SKULL-CRUSHER, ENFORCER, and Gate-keeper) RAHM EMANUEL, was in the exact same line of work as the "GREED IS GOOD!" financial hit-man GORDON GECKO, portrayed by Michael Douglas in the 1987 Oliver Stone masterpiece movie, "Wall Street"!
(Note: in the "fact is STRANGER than Fiction" catagory, Stone's movie, with Douglas' Gordon Gecko character doing an LBO HOSTILE TAKEOVER of fictional "BLUE STAR AIRLINES" using Blue-Star's employee "OVERFUNDED PENSION PLAN" as the basis for the cruel LBO, WITH the INTENTION of BREAKING UP Blue-Star after it is taken over and thus WIPING OUT the pension fund; actually PRECEDED Texas Air Holdings company Chairman FRANK LORENZO taking over real-life US major airline company EASTERN AIRLINES, and BLEEDING IT DRY from inside out, to pay off the LBO bankers & their loan-shark credit-extortionist backers.)
(A year or two later, Eastern Airlines finally succumbed to bankruptcy.
The week that Eastern finally DECLARED BANKRUPTCY as a result of Lorenzo's vampire LBO deal, the vast majority of Eastern's employee homeowners had to _put their homes up for sale_ the SAME week, adding MIAMI to the list of cities that were Victims of the Bush-1 Recession & Real-Estate collapse.)
(Which financial collapse also featured Cent-Trusts' Chairman DAVID PAUL dining in an executive dining room high atop the palatial CenTrust Tower, surrounded by rare master's artworks, using solid gold silverware... all purchased by David Paul at company expense, before his CenTrust bank collapsed in IGNOMY & BANKRUPTCY.)

The BUSH-2 RECESSION of 2008, which will soon be called the OBAMA Recession of 2009, is INDEED A VERBATIM REPEAT of the late 1980s & early 1990s recession, AMERICANS TOO STUPID & PROPAGANDIZED to make the VERY SIMPLE CONNECTIONS between PHIL GRAMM's DEREGULATION of the Savings & Loan era (David Paul's Centrust BANKRUPTCY, Charles Keating's massive $2 billion-dollar Licoln Savings & Loan BANKRUTCY; Neil Bush's SILVERADO Savings & Loan BILLION dollar BANKRUPTCY, etc.) leading to MASSIVE, system-wide ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL FAILURES of the early 1990s...

....and the SIMILAR PHIL GRAMM BANKING DEREGULATION ATROCITIES of 1999 and 2000, leading DIRECTLY to the present Bush-2/Obama RECESSION of 2008-2009, featuring _ONCE AGAIN_ FAILED, BANKRUPT, POLITICALLY CONNECTED huge BANKS, duh!

Which little detour into "GREED IS GOOD," "Gordon Gecko as preview & parody of Frank Lorenzo & Eastern Airlines," DAVID PAUL and the ingominous collapse of CenTrust, and CHARLES KEATING and the $2 BILLION collapse of Lincoln S&L (in 1980s dollars) - ALL made possible by PHIL GRAMM's financial "DEREGULATION" ATROCITIES allowing Banksters to LEVERAGE HUGE money to take-over even PRODUCTIVE companies -
- the above detour into a little "BACK HISTORY" of the PREVIOUS economic crisis unfortunately taking us away from PRESIDENT OBAMA's CURRENT ECONOMIC TEAM, which is _entirely made up of_ "investment" Bankers & Lobbyists, including the above-mentioned Chicago huckster RAHM EMANUEL, and Obama's "TOP ECONOMICS ADVISORS" LAWRENCE SUMMERS and ROBERT RUBIN... BOTH of whom spent the ENTIRE later half of the 1990s, PUSHING President Clinton & the Democrat Senate to APPROVE the SECOND ROUND of PHIL GRAMM's BANKING Deregulation ATROCITIES (the above-mentioned GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY Act and Commodity Futures 'Modernization' Act of 2000)...

... which (to repeat) DEREGULATION ATROCITIES 1999 & 2000 leading DIRECTLY TO _THIS_ CURRENT economic crisis 2008 & 2009!!

Which (to repeat) economic crisis featured & was led by the COLLAPSE of HUGE SWATHS of the nation's "Top" Financial institutions, LEHMAN BROTHERS, Bear-Stearns, and WASHINGTON-MUTUAL ALREADY IN THE GRAVEYARD, and Rubin's CITI-bank, JPMorgan-CHASE, Bank-of-America, & Summers, Rubin's, Gary Gensler's, and Mark Patterson's (ALL current top Obama officials) GOLDMAN-SACH _ONLY_ SAVED from the financial GRAVEYARD, ONLY by (former GOLDMAN-SACHS Chairman, and then Bush's Treasury Secretary) HANK PAULSON's $700 BILLION no-oversight, NO STRINGS ATTACHED taxpayer _socialized_ BAILOUTS that Paulson EXTORTED from "Democratic" Speaker NANCY PELOSI & her CLUELESS, cowering, COMPLICIT 110th Congress in the last weeks of September 2008!!

Those TAXPAYER SOCIALIZED BAILOUTS coming ONLY AFTER Paulson at Treasury, Bernanke at the Fed, TIM GEITHNER (Obama's current, woefully useless Treasury Secretary) presiding as Chairman of the NY Fed Reserve Bank (one of twelve PRIVATE "fed" banks which make up Bernanke's "FEDERAL RESERVE BANK System"), and ROBERT RUBIN as a $115-million+ executive at Citi-group - all PRESIDED OVER DISASTER last year!

All the above (except for Bush's guy, Paulson), who PRESIDED OVER DISASTER last year, are now the CORE and CENTER of President Obama's current "Economic-Financial Team" !!

Hence what is so amazing about Mr. Karlin's current commentary. Karlin is still an undiminished Obama supporter, but one can easily see the frustration in his editorial:
"At first, we thought [Washington Post "moderate" i.e. "neo-con-lite" columnist Richard] Cohen’s column was a SATIRE, until we realized that he was sincerely indignant that anyone should question the motives of Larry Summers [OBAMA's CURRENT ECONOMICS ADVISOR], a promoter in the past of the DEREGULATION of the finance industry that caused a 2 trillion dollar drain on the taxpayers.

When Summers is finished with his White House stint, he’ll find some way – whatever restrictions there are – to benefit from the service that he is currently providing to the river boat gamblers who bet our economy at the casino and lost. For Summers, this isn’t public service; it’s an investment in his future earnings."
We can not top Mr. Karlin's ironic, understated frustration - what is close to a masterpiece of satire - of just how CLUELESS and IGNORANT President Obama is at HARBORING THE NEST OF VIPERS who are in the process of DRAGGING DOWN his OWN administration into a cesspit of FINANCIAL FRAUD and outright CRIMINAL THEFT from American taxpayers...
....but notice that Mr. Karlin's (entirely justified) criticisms of Obama economics advisor Lawrence Summers, come only as a side or sub-text to Mr. Karlin's more forceful criticism of Washington Post so-called "MODERATE" columnist RICHARD COHEN, who in DEFENDING Summers, is actually providing a PERFECT expression of the Washington Post's skill in PACKAGING extremely RIGHT-WING "Neo-Conservative" ("neo-con")pro-war and financial elitist policies, agendas, and talking-points in to a "kinder, gentler, fuzzier, moderate" package... thereby leading MILLIONS of _deluded_ Americans into thinking that the Washington Post is actually a "liberal" newspaper!
"A risible case in point is the April 7th column of veteran Washington Post journalist Richard Cohen, who makes the ludicrous argument that hedge fund multi-millionaire and Wall Street protector Larry Summers is a victim of harsh attacks. Cohen’s main contention is that Summers is serving us at great sacrifice to his personal fortune."
We congratulate Mr. Karlin on his near-masterpiece of Political Satire, and for actually noticing the Washington Post's "LET THEM EAT CAKE," "The _Washington RULER CLASS_ must NOT allow the gates to be opened for the common-rabble" rutheless Neo-Conservative bias.

Now we would just hope that Mr. Karlin devotes some jouralistic intensity to the other, larger half of the equation... NOT that the POLICIAL LIARS & COWARDS of the Washington Post are ARROGANT, ENTITLED, RUTHLESS, warmongering authoritarian ELITISTS who subltly defend their fellow Neo-Con elitists who are PLUNDERING the US economy & treasury.... but that PRESIDENT OBAMA is himself HARBORING those Neo-Con LOOT, PLUNDER, PILLAGE, and MISINFORM tendencies in his OWN White House!

And in handing out HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to THEIR OWN banks & financial allies (Rubins, alone, DIRECTLY CONNECTED to BOTH Goldman-Sachs AND Citi-group), Mr. Obama is actually handing out HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars of Future DONATIONS to his POLITICAL ENEMIES, the PHIL GRAMM, BILL FRIST, TRENT LOTT, Jeff Sessions, John Boehner, New Gingrich, Dick Cheney _REPUBLICAN_ DEREGULATION crowd, the blatantly "Deregulation" ECONOMIC HIT-MEN, vampires, and job-killers who don't need to make a PRETENSE of joining the "Democratic" Party!

Bonus: Paul Krugman, the VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS who for TEN long, lonely years PREDICTED that the combination of BUSH TAX-CUTS FOR RICH (deficit spending) AND _DEREGULATING_ vast swaths of the Financial Markets, WOULD LEAD TO ECONOMIC COLLAPSE... saying of OBAMA's Banksters LAWRENCE SUMMERS and TIM GEITHNER "They are smart guys... just ask them, they'll tell you."