Sunday, April 12, 2009


Krugman and a small handful of other economists & banking experts continue to shout into the wind - the "wind" of VAST, ABJECT LIES & CORRUPTION blowing out Wall Street & Washington (the lobbyists who own the US government, the administration, the US government itself); in Congress, and in the US (corporate) media as well: Obama's Geithner-Summers-Emanuel-Rubin (ad naseum) 'economic crew' Essentially telling the American public that "the FAILED BANKS ARE SOLVENT" - when in fact they are NOT Solvent!

This is FRAUD on the order of, not only the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars poured down the black-hole of sheer fraudulent bank & financial accounting...
...but, additionally, the MILLIONS of dollars of "investigation" & "publicity" Obama has poured personally poured into his Timmy-boy Geithner "STRESS-TEST" scam - is MILLIONS of dollars of routine (taxpayer) government spending that is now also SHEER FRAUD!!

In the "Alice-In-Wonderland" "Mad-Hatter's Tea Party" that is the 'Democrat'/Rethuglican Neo-Con dictatorship in Washington, DC, the millions-of-dollars of ABJECT FRAUD (bureaucratic costs) of the Geithner/OBAMA "STRESS TEST", is MORE OF AN IN-YOUR-FACE INSULT to the American people, than the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (actually trillions of dollars) they have been forced to shell out to prop-up the failed banks ('bailouts')in the first place.

Or to repeat the above in one simple sentence of plain english:
"OBAMA is now a full-charter member of the NY-Washington-Israel KLEPTOCRACY:
For HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of American TAXPAYER DOLLARS SHOVED DOWN THE GoldmanSachs/Citi/Wall St. BLACK HOLE of massively FAILED BANKS, the stupid, lemming, enslaved American public DOES NOT GET ONE LOUSY AUDIT."

Fortunately there are still a few honest experts who refuse to drink the NeoCon economic destruction kool-aid. But now the insanely corrupt Obama-Geithner-Emanuel-Rubins 'economics team' has convinced the traditional Republican corporate/financial cheap-labor authoritarians AND the "Liberal Obama Lefties" to give the administration & Financial crooks a huge WHITEWASH / FREE-PASS on hundreds of billions of dollars of massive financial fraud.

The New York Times sole other honest commentator, Frank Rich, backs up Krugman's assessment that the the Geithner-Rubin-Summers OBAMA 'economic team' is THE EMBODIEMENT of WALL STREET CORRUPTION and kleptocratic, financial dictatorship tendencies:

Jeffrey Sachs also seconds the "Geithner-Summers-OBAMA Plan IS SHEER FRAUD" -

William K. Black supports Rich & Krugman's analysis: the Geithner-OBAMA "stress tests" ARE SHEER FRAUD & DECEIT;
America is now effectively a ONE-PARTY DICTATORSHIP, RULED by Wall Street's insanely corrupt, entitled banksters who OWN the US government, and both parties, in Washington DC: