Wednesday, April 29, 2009

COWARDLY Senate Demorats OWNED by Big Banks; Pelosi's Congress OWNED by AIPAC; Obama White House OWNED by GOLDMAN-SACHS...

On the MSNBC "Ed Show", host Ed Schultz says that Republican Rep. Michelle Bachman is "the gift that keeps on giving" for Ed's "Pyscho talk" radical right-wing talking points segment.
Well, that is just an entertaining (though, in case of the thousands of potential Timmy McVeigh's out there in Amerika land, potentially dangerous) sidelight of the Ed Show, the far more important story being Ed's blockbuster announcement that a prominent, Leading US Senator - no less than the Senate's #2 Democrat, Senator DICK DURBIN of Illinois (widely credited with being a major, early force in encouraging Barack Obama to run for president) had decalared that "THE BANKS _OWN_ the US SENATE."
We now have the audio of Senator Durbin's comments -
- and we know from other sources that Senate Majority "Leader" HARRY REID is INDEED IN THE POCKET of the Bankers, he REFUSES TO PLAY HARDBALL and RAISE HELL until the BANKRUPTCY REFORM BILL is passed.
Banks Lobby On Course To Gut Bankruptcy Bill
by Ryan Grim, Huffington Post
April 29, 2009
The bankruptcy reform bill that passed the House weeks ago amid much fanfare is on course to be gutted by the Senate Thursday. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told the Huffington Post Wednesday that he wasn't sure the bill had enough votes to overcome a GOP filibuster and that its key provision -- cramdown -- may have to come out.
(Needless to say, ALL the HAPLESS, PATHETIC, CORRUPT Senator Reid would have to do, is HOLD UP BAILOUT BILLIONS from being given to the bankers, and they would come begging to him like a starving dog - but instead, feasting on the NO-STRINGS ATTACHED taxpayer billions, Reid is instead at the mercy of those ferocious, junk-yard Bankster attack dogs & their hired DC lobbyist minions.)
And of course President Obama is ENTIRELY IN THE POCKET of... GOLDMAN SACHS, his ENTIRE "economics" team is NOTHING but Wall Street Banksters (most of them directly from Goldman Sachs, including Rubin, Summers, Gensler, Patterson, and others, and while Tim Geithner never was on the Goldman-Sachs payroll, his "job" as Chairman of the NY Fed. Reserve Bank was to keep his two Goldman-Sachs mentors - Rubins & Summers - happy, by DISHING OUT TENS of BILLIONS of created-out-of-thin-air Fed dollars to the Big Banks, of which GoldmanSachs was first in line.

The GOLDMAN-SACHS OWNERSHIP of the obama White House is SO blatant - that at tonight's "100 Days" press celebration, President Obama DID NOT HAVE TO ANSWER ONE lousy "where did our BAILOUT TRILLIONS of dollars go?" question!!

And then there is this "oldie but goodie" - ancient history from all of last week, Robert Naiman discussing the JANE HARMAN scandal tacitly illustrates - that THE ISRAEL LOBBY has a COMMANDING HOLD on the INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE of the US Congress, and the LEADERSHIP of the US Congress itself!

Needless to say, not only is President Obama's CHIEF OF STAFF Rahm Emanuel AN INVESTMENT BANKER who WHOLLY SUPPORTS the GOLDMAN-SACHS "DEREGULATION, and GET THE TAXPAYERS to BAIL OUT THE BANKERS" agenda, but Emanuel is also an unabashed, ferverent "ISREAL FIRST!" supporter, who during the 1991 Gulf War with Iraq, signed up as a civilian volunteer for the Israel army (IDF)!

The sad distillation of the post: THE US SENATE is OWNED by BANKERS; of which GOLDMAN SACHS is far and away the most powerful;
The OBAMA WHITE HOUSE is ALSO OWNED by the Goldman-Sachs bankers; President Obama his HANDING TRILLIONS to the Bankers - and the American taxpayers aren't even getting LOUSY RECEIPT, much less a SINGLE lousy AUDIT, for their TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars;
and the PELOSI CONGRESS is OWNED BY THE ISRAEL (aipac) LOBBY, which has DE FACTO CONTROL of the ENTIRE US 'INTEL' apparatus;
and, as if all the above isn't bad enough, the RIGHT-WING INTERESTS, of which BANKERS and FOREIGN COUNTRIES are mega-pillars, have SO THOROUGHLY CORRUPTED American democracy, that THE UNITED STATES can NOT EVEN DETERMINE a SENATE VICTOR, SIX god-damned MONTHS after the election of November 2008!!


Arianna Huffington gives voice to the "WE did NOT vote for BANKERS and the ISRAEL WAR LOBBY" American voters:
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